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A Complete Guide for Buying Ashton Cigars

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Ashton cigars can be found in nearly every premium retail shop around the globe. The brand is blended by legendary cigar-maker Carlito Fuente in seven distinct lines. Ashton cigars are handcrafted at the illustrious Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic. Only the finest tobaccos are reserved for Ashton and there is a cigar in the brand’s portfolio to satisfy every cigar lover’s palate. Mild, medium, and full-bodied cigars deliver luscious and creamy flavors as well as zestier profiles with rich, Cubanesque taste. Here is a complete guide for buying the best Ashton cigars when you want to add an acclaimed brand to your collection, or you’re in search of an impressive gift for your favorite connoisseur.

Best Ashton Cigars for Novices

When you’re just getting into cigars, you’re better off smoking good ones. The following Ashton cigars offer delicious profiles that aren’t too strong but are full of complex flavor.

Ashton Classic

Ashton Classic is the flagship of this exquisite brand. For over 35 years, Ashton Classic has served as the quintessential introduction to premium cigars for new cigar lovers and remains a favorite for seasoned aficionados long after they’ve developed their palates. A golden-blond Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf harbors a creamy amalgam of premium aged Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. Tasting notes of cedar, almond, cashew, and coffee bean converge with a touch of spice in several famous shapes. Ashton Classic should be at the top of your list when you need a top-shelf box of cigars for the golf course or a wedding.

Strength: Mild
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

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Ashton Aged Maduro

A few years after the debut of Ashton Classic, Ashton Aged Maduro was added to the brand’s portfolio to show off the potential of premium Fuente tobaccos blended with an oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Sweet and savory favors of dark chocolate, maple, molasses, and black pepper provide the perfect profile to smoke with bourbon, rum, and cognac. It’s a great cigar to enjoy with coffee while you’re eating a bite of dessert too. Eight traditional shapes reveal a succulent and approachable finish.

Strength: Mild-Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Shop Ashton Aged Maduro Cigars

Ashton Cabinet Selection

Ashton Cabinet Selection adds rich dimension to classic Dominican taste with binder and filler tobaccos that are aged for five to seven-year minimums before they’re finished in a glistening Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf. Tasting notes of cashew, almond, coffee bean, and white pepper resonate with mouthwatering spice in eleven popular and flawlessly made formats. If you enjoy Ashton Classic, consider Cabinet Selection an elevation of taste, aroma, and refinement.

Strength: Mild-Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

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Ashton Heritage Puro Sol

Ashton Heritage Puro Sol is drawn from a well-aged blend of premium Dominican long-fillers beneath an oily Cuban-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador. Tasting notes of cedar, caramel, leather, and cocoa mingle in a medium-bodied profile with an excellent proportion of spices. Heritage is a versatile, 95-rated cigar handmade in a series of classic shapes you should pair with a vintage whiskey.

Strength: Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Shop Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Cigars

Best Ashton Cigars for Aficionados

If you’ve developed your palate and appreciate premium flavor, the following Ashton cigars deliver fuller body and taste and show off tremendous balance.

Ashton VSG

VSG is an acronym for Virgin Sun Grown, a reference to the wrapper leaf on Ashton VSG, which is cultivated in the volcanic soils of Ecuador from Sumatra-seed tobaccos. The plants are grown under the region’s natural cloud cover which results in supremely rich taste and aroma. The debut of Ashton VSG in 1999 set a new benchmark for full-bodied cigars. Its luscious profile of leather, cedar, earth, and espresso melds savory spices with hints of sweetness. The 94-rated blend mesmerizes in a mix of traditional, box-pressed, and bigger-ring-gauge vitolas. 

Strength: Full
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra

Shop Ashton VSG Cigars

Ashton Symmetry

Ashton Symmetry premiered in 2014 and is the newest cigar in the brand’s portfolio. Symmetry delivers complex, Cubanesque flavors of cedar, coffee bean, cinnamon, and Turkish fig with zesty and tangy undertones. A shimmering Cuban-seed wrapper embraces the finest aged long-filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The 94-rated profile has been ranked in Cigar Aficionado’s ‘Top 10’ on numerous occasions. Symmetry is a chewy, satisfying, and sophisticated cigar perfect for those in search of delicate nuances with a good amount of power and resonance.

Strength: Full
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Shop Ashton Symmetry Cigars

Ashton ESG

Ashton ESG was blended to commemorate the brand’s 20th anniversary. ESG stands for Estate Sun Grown and is a reference to the cigar’s exclusive wrapper leaf which is cultivated on the prized Chateau de la Fuente estates where the tobaccos for Fuente Fuente Opus X cigars are grown. Ashton ESG is an ultra-rare Dominican Puro. The blend is handmade in five classic formats that layer the palate with notes of cedar, graham cracker, black pepper, cocoa, and molasses from beginning to end. Choose an ESG when you need a cigar to celebrate a special occasion.  

Strength: Medium-Full
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Republic

Shop Ashton ESG Cigars


Best Ashton Cigars for Gifts

Because Ashton cigars satisfy such a wide range of palates, they make excellent gifts. Discover versatile and impressive samplers that are guaranteed to put a smile on your favorite aficionado’s face.

Ashton 5-Cigar Assortment

Find the five original cornerstones of the Ashton portfolio in one of the best mild cigars samplers ever created. It’s among the most requested and highest-selling samplers during the Holidays, Father’s Day, and any occasions that call for an impressive gift for a cigar lover. Legendary creamy and mild cigars from the Classic and Cabinet Selection lines are included with the rich taste of the Aged Maduro, Heritage, and VSG blends.


Shop Ashton 5-Cigar Assortment

Ashton 10-Cigar Sampler

The Ashton 10-Cigar Sampler doubles the pleasure of the 5-Cigar edition with two unique shapes in every blend. Different sizes create special nuances of flavor and intensity in a cigar’s taste. Impress your favorite cigar aficionado with Ashton Classic, Cabinet Selection, Aged Maduro, Heritage, and VSG in a versatile tour of two bestselling formats in each blend.  


Shop Ashton 10-Cigar Sampler

Ashton VSG Assortment 

The Ashton VSG Assortment is a vertical tasting of five popular VSG shapes. Vibrant notes of cedar, spice, earth, leather, and espresso bean culminate with varying degrees of intensity in a celebrated, 94-rated blend. The unrivaled reputation of VSG deserves attention in every size. Explore a legendary cigar drawn from the finest Dominican binder and filler tobaccos beneath a shimmering Ecuador Sumatra wrapper leaf.


Shop Ashton VSG Assortment


Best Small Ashton Cigars

Smaller formats are convenient and flavorful when you’re craving a good cigar, but you’re short on time. They’re packaged in 5, 10, and 20-count boxes you can slide in your pocket when you’re on the go.

Ashton Small Cigars Cameroon

Ashton Small Cigars Cameroon are the perfect alternative when you don’t have the time to smoke a larger format. Tasting notes of cedar, cocoa, nutmeg, and pepper please in a consistent and well-made collection of petite shapes that are finished in a Cameroon wrapper. Savor the taste of a good cigar that you can smoke quickly.

Strength: Mild-Medium
Wrapper: Cameroon

Shop Ashton Small Cigars

Ashton Small Cigars Connecticut

Ashton Small Cigars Connecticut deliver creamy and easygoing taste in a handful of manageable formats when you haven’t got an entire afternoon to kick back and smoke. A golden Connecticut wrapper leaf conceals a nutty and creamy interior of Dominican tobaccos. Indulge in a mellow profile of cedar, cashew, almond, coffee bean, and spices in shapes that last for five to ten minutes.   

Strength: Mild-Medium
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Shop Ashton Small Cigars Connecticut Cigars

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