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Top 6 Best Cigar Cases

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There’s nothing like heading out the door to meet up with your pals to enjoy a fine cigar. What happens, though, when you get there and the smokes you stuffed in a Ziploc bag and into your jacket pocket are a frayed and flattened mess as you pull them out? You can bet they won’t burn right. It doesn’t matter if you smoke 3 cigars a day, or if you only enjoy a cigar once in a blue moon. If you plan to take your cigars to the park across the street or all the way to Bora Bora, invest in a cigar case.

For sure, there’s a contingent of curmudgeons out there who think having a cigar case is a bit bourgeois and they’re just fine tucking their smokes in the rear pocket of their Levi’s. That’s okay, but keep in mind, you’re cigars are an investment, too. Part of what you pay for when you buy a cigar is its construction and freshness. A cigar travel case protects your cigars and preserves them between Point A and Point B. We’ve compiled a handful of our best cigar case recommendations below. Take a look and get prepared for the next time you want to take your cigars on tour.

#1 - Ashton: Best Luxury Cigar Cases

As an iconic and respected maker of premium cigars, Ashton offers an alluring collection of sleek and stylish cigar cases that are crafted from high quality leathers. Soft to the touch and eye-catching, choose a finish that matches your favorite jacket, from the classic and luxurious Calfskin and textured Hobnail Leather options to more exotic materials like Ostrich or the Ashton Jungle Leather Case. You can accommodate a number of different cigar sizes in each material. Ashton cigar cases also make a great gift when you want to get something nice for the cigar connoisseur in your life.

#2 - Savoy: Best Value Cigar Cases

Starting under $25, Savoy Leather Cases are the perfect cigar case when you’re in search of an option that’s both basic and classic and still looks cool. Sturdy leathers are stitched in a handful of options that you can rely on to carry a handful of traditional shapes wherever you’re headed to fire up. Choose from vintage black or brown finishes to keep your cigars protected with Savoy without shelling out a lot of dough.

#3 - Rochester: Best No-Fuss Cigar Cases

Rochester is a great brand you can always find on special for under $20 in three classic sizes. Basic, black and a bit beefy, you can’t go wrong with a Rochester when you don’t need anything too fancy and you don’t feel like deliberating over the color all day long. Put an end to beating up your cigars and add a Rochester Leather Case to the cart today.

#4 - Visol: Best Unique Cigar Cases

Fit a 5-pack of beefy 60-ring gauge gems in the Visol Dakota 60 Ring Case. The soft and supple leather material is available in a classic black or a bright tan color. Pals will instantly flock to your corner of the room like a pack of mouthwatering dogs when they catch you pulling out your Visol case. You may have to mop up their drool, but you’ll be able to fend them off by handing them each a perfectly preserved, big-ring smoke.

If your tastes are a bit more on the exotic side, check out the Visol Rennes Crocodile Leather Travel Case. It’s tough to make a more dramatic statement, but I have to say this an awesome cigar-carrying case for the money. The ribbed, cedar interior cradles up to five Churchills beneath the tan, all-leather crocodile finish. If you’ve ever wanted to install shag carpeting on the roof of your car, this case has your name all over it.

#5 - Prometheus: Best Carbon Fiber Cigar Cases

Take just enough inventory out for a 2-cigar evening with the Prometheus Carbon Fiber Case. Elegant, sleek, and sporty, you can easily accommodate up to a 60-ring gauge cigar. The carbon fiber material is soft and classy with a meticulous stitch. It’s the perfect cigar case when you’re entertaining a cigar-smoking dignitary or you’ve been invited to the governor’s mansion for dinner.

#6 - Xikar Travel Humidor: Best High-Capacity Cigar Cases

If a ravenous pack of cigar-swiping pals tends to tail you on all your journeys, beef up the cigar stash you carry around. Stockpile plenty of cigar ammo with a Xikar Travel Humidor. Crafted from crushproof ABS molded plastic with an airtight and watertight seal, Xikar features an interior of high-density urethane foam for maximum protection, and a humidification disk to guarantee freshness. Choose from 5, 10, and 15-cigar capacities depending on how many cigars you think you might burn through when you get where you’re going. Reliable, durable, and ideal for any outdoorsman, Xikar Travel Humidors come with a lifetime warranty.

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