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Best Travel Humidors

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A travel humidor is a great investment if you plan to leave the house with your cigars. Vacation, camping, hunting, and golfing are all occasions that call for a portable humidor. A travel humidor should have a tight seal, be durable, and offer a bit of padding to prevent your cigars from bouncing around during transit. In addition to protecting your cigars, the biggest benefit of a good travel humidor is that you can bring enough cigars to share with your buddies when you’re getting together to smoke. Here are some well-made and reliable travel humidors that pass our litmus test for quality and value.

Xikar Travel Humidor

The Xikar Travel Humidor sets the benchmark for simplicity, durability, and utility. An airtight and watertight seal runs the perimeter of the lid and locks humidity inside a crushproof ABS molded plastic cavity. A pair of heavy latches snap shut to fortify the seal while a high-density urethane foam gently pads your cigars on the inside. A small foam humidifier is included and can be charged with propylene glycol solution to deliver a consistent level of humidification. Or, insert a Boveda humidification pack instead. Decide if the 5, 10, or 15-cigar capacity suits your needs best, and take your next hike through the woods with the confidence knowing your cigars will be in one piece when you pull them out of your backpack. All Xikar products come with lifetime warranty.


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Lotus ‘Big Boy’ Gift Set

The Lotus ‘Big Boy’ Gift Set offers the complete package with a travel humidor, torch lighter, and cigar cutter. The 5-cigar travel case is available in a collection of popular finishes and includes a convenient reservoir you can fill with propylene glycol solution, or you can substitute a Boveda pack in its place. The crushproof plastic material is lined with soft contoured foam designed to cradle your cigars without squeezing them too tightly. Also included is a flip-top Vertigo Renegade torch lighter with four-red hot jets and a built-in punch cutter at the bottom. If you prefer a straight cut, you’re in luck because the Big Boy is equipped with a double guillotine straight cutter that can easily slice the cap on a 64 ring gauge cigar. The Lotus ‘Big Boy’ makes a great all-in-one accessory starter kit for new cigar lovers.


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Arturo Fuente Humidor Bag

Arturo Fuente Humidor Bags equal the most convenient solution for travelers because they’re lightweight, flexible, and take up the smallest amount of space in a suitcase or carry-on bag. Store up to 15 or 30 cigars, depending on the size you need, in a heavy-ply Ziploc bag with a firm seal. Each bag is outfitted with a Boveda pouch on the inside guaranteed to keep your cigars fresh for 6 months. To avoid cracking any cigars’ wrappers during transit, you can actually fit an entire box of cigars (depending on the dimensions) into the large bag for extra protection. Or, seal your cigars in a humidor bag and place the bag itself inside an empty cigar box before you put them in your suitcase. While humidor bags don’t provide the same level of protection as a hard case, they’re more versatile. Humidor bags are easier to pack because you can fold them and bring a bigger number of cigars on your travels. They’re also ideal if you plan to buy a box of cigars on your vacation and bring them home.


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