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Best Humidors for Beginners

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If you’re new to cigars, getting a good humidor is essential when you start buying more cigars than what you’ll smoke in a day or two. Cigars stay fresh indefinitely as long as they’re humidified. They begin to dry out after a few days when they’re not. You can buy a full box of a brand you really like when you’ve got a humidor to store them in. Some humidors cost a lot, others are cheap, and the quality varies. Here are some great tips for buying your first humidor followed by the best humidors for beginners.

Buy Bigger than You Need

Sure, you’ve only got two cigars to humidify today, but if you buy a box or a bundle tomorrow, you’ll need more space. When you store cigars in a humidor, it’s best to keep it around 75% full. That means you should leave about 20-25% of the space inside free for air and humidity to circulate with ease. Get a bigger box as opposed to filling a smaller one to maximum capacity.

Materials Matter

Inexpensive humidors can get the job done, but they’re also made from lightweight materials versus solid cedar, which costs more because it’s better for long-term aging. A humidor with a high-quality humidification device, hinges, assembly, and seal ensures your cigars stay fresh with less maintenance. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a good humidor, but a better-quality box will last longer and require less babysitting. If your humidor does not include a hygrometer, get a digital model for the most accurate humidity and temperature readings.

Keep Out: Flavored Cigars

Even if you only indulge in an occasional flavored cigar, don’t store flavored cigars in your humidor, or all the cigars inside will taste like they’re flavored. Your humidor will absorb the flavor as well. Premium cigars are like sponges, and they absorb what’s around them, especially the oils from other cigars. Keep flavored cigars in a separate environment like a humidity bag or Tupperware, where they’re isolated and can’t infuse your non-flavored cigars. 

Are You Taking Cigars On the Road?

Consider a durable and compact travel humidor if you plan to transport your cigars. Golfing, camping, and heading to the beach are excursions aficionados love to go on with their cigars. Travel humidors hold fewer cigars, but they’re often padded on the inside with foam for extra protection. 

Best Humidors for Beginners

1. Maintenance-Free Humidor: Humidor Bag ($6.95 - $9.95)

The single easiest and cheapest way to humidify your cigars is with a humidity bag. No maintenance is required other than opening the seal, putting your cigars inside, and zipping it shut. Inside, a Boveda humidity pouch does all the work with its patented two-way humidity control, which keeps your cigars humidified at a consistent level. Eventually, the pouch will run out of moisture and you will need to replace it. Humidity pouches last up to 6 months, or longer, depending on how many cigars you’re storing in the bag. Knowing when to replace the pouch is easy. New pouches are soft and cushiony, but as the humidity is depleted, they become stiff, indicating it’s time for replacement.  


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2. Artisan Champagne Humidor ($29.95)

Okay, this box is basic, so it’s unlikely you’ll pass it down to subsequent heirs. But, it’s also around thirty bucks. Since most new cigar smokers establish a budget for fine handmades gradually, doling out an entire paycheck for a humidor may not be in the cards. The Artisan Champagne is lightweight, cedar-lined, and outfitted with a simple humidification puck and a movable divider. It holds up to 25 cigars, it’s easy to set up and season, and it’s also available in the snazzy Hamilton and Outlaw finishes.


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3. Savoy Mesquite Humidor ($112 - $168)

The Mesquite humidor is one of the most popular finishes from the Savoy brand. There are dozens of other colors to consider. Savoy humidors start under $100 and are great for beginners because they’re well-made with a cedar lining, sturdy hinges, and a firm seal to create a stable environment for your cigars. Each Savoy is equipped with a reliable humidification device, analog hygrometer, and a moveable divider or interior shelf.


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4. DIY Humidor (cost varies)

We’ve detailed many containers you can convert into a DIY humidor. They include coolers (coolidors, or coolerdors), Tupperware (tupperdors), Mason jars, wine fridges, and acrylic jars. Some require more effort than others, but most are affordable. Remember, empty wooden cigar boxes do not make adequate humidors because they do not seal tightly, nor do they include a humidification source. Many cigar rookies mistakenly assume the box the cigars came in will keep them fresh. Save your cigars and the money you spent on them by investing in a good humidor.

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