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Top 5 Cuban Sandwich Cigars

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Previously, we explained what Cuban sandwich cigars are and how they’re different from traditional long-filler smokes. Cuban sandwich cigars are also called “mixed-filler” cigars or Fumas.

Premium Cuban sandwich cigars consist of mixed-filler tobaccos (short and medium-length filler tobaccos) placed inside long-filler (whole-leaf) tobaccos. Cuban sandwich cigars do not consist of “chopped-filler” tobaccos and are not to be confused with machine-made cigars. Mixed-filler cigars are far closer to traditional long-filler smokes than cheap machine-made brands and, as a result, they represent a tremendous value to many cigar lovers.

Several premium brands manufacture mixed-filler blends, which consist of remnants from the premium long-filler brands they produce. Cuban sandwich blends typically come in bundles of 20 or 25 cigars. Cuban sandwich cigars are perfect for a variety of occasions like mowing the grass, shoveling the driveway, fishing, and tinkering around outside in the garage. They are sometimes referred to as utility cigars or “yard ‘gars” because they’re affordable, practical, and perfect when you want to enjoy a casual cigar while you’re preoccupied with an activity – as opposed to an expensive blend you’ve been saving for a special occasion, like a Padrón 1964 Anniversary or an Ashton ESG. What if you drop it in the grass or over the edge of the fishing boat?

Another critical reason to keep a handful of Cuban sandwich cigars in the coolerdor is even more obvious: cigar-mooching pals. When your man cave gets overrun by cigar-starved freeloaders on poker night, it’s nice to have some tasty but less expensive smokes to go around. Here are the top five Cuban sandwich cigars you should try.

1. Bella Cuba

Bella Cuba is medium-bodied, nutty, and easygoing with notes of coffee bean and pepper. The brand is crafted in the Dominican Republic from a delightful amalgam of Dominican tobaccos tucked under a Sumatra wrapper leaf. Starting at a couple bucks per cigar, Bella Cuba has been a bestseller for years thanks to its mellow, approachable flavor and the high-quality, consistent recipe of tobaccos you can enjoy in a collection of classic shapes. Also available is Bella Cuba Shade, a milder, equally popular alternative finished in a golden-blond Connecticut Shade wrapper.

Strength: Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Sumatra

Shop Bella Cuba Cigars

2. Rocky Patel Mulligans Caddy’s Choice

Rocky Patel Mulligans is one of Rocky Patel’s fastest selling and most popular brands. The franchise includes a huge variety of blends, wrappers, and tasting profiles, including RP’ Mulligans Caddy’s Choice, an exclusive Cuban sandwich blend and one of the bestselling Mulligans to date, thanks to reliable everyday discounts. A gingerbread-hued Sumatra wrapper leaf embraces a reliable Cuban sandwich recipe in three classic shapes that impart notes of chestnut, leather, coffee bean, and spices. In addition to Caddy’s Choice, Rocky produces multiple Cuban sandwich Mulligans cigars, including 19th Hole, Lost Ball, Sand Trap, The Hacker, and Wormburner for a wide variety of wrapper options with the same unbeatable savings built into the prices.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Sumatra

Shop Rocky Patel Mulligans Caddy's Choice Cigars

3. Don Lino Fumas

Don Lino cigars are downright delicious, and you don’t have to shell out a ton of cash to buy them. This old-school franchise has been around for decades and includes Don Lino Fumas, a brilliant mixed-filler blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos tucked under an oily, brown Sumatra wrapper leaf. Three traditional sizes develop with notes of cedar, nougat, and earth in a creamy, medium-bodied profile. Starting under three bucks apiece, Don Lino Fumas cigars guarantee to please when you toss a bundle in your next order.

Strength: Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Sumatra

Shop Don Lino Fumas Cigars

4. Argyle Fumas

Argyle is another superlative value brand with several premium blends to consider, including Argyle Fumas. Vintage mixed-filler Dominican tobaccos fill out a dark and silky Sumatra wrapper leaf in a trio of classic formats. Notes of coffee bean, earth, and nuts mingle with hints of pepper throughout a mild to medium-bodied smoke. Argyle Fumas Connecticut cigars offer a milder profile of cashew and white pepper, courtesy of a light-blond Connecticut Shade wrapper. Find out why Argyle is considered the ‘#1 Value Cigar in America’ when you sample this affordable and consistent Cuban sandwich blend today.

Strength: Mild-Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Sumatra

Shop Argyle Fumas Cigars

5. Quorum

Quorum cigars come to us from the folks at J.C. Newman. The brand is crafted in Nicaragua in several traditional sizes, and the original blend is drafted from an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper over a chewy core of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Notes of coffee, wood, and baking spices resonate in these budget-friendly bundles. For a milder, nuttier profile, Quorum Shade deserves your attention thanks to a seamless Ecuador Connecticut wrapper that imparts mellow notes of cedar, almond, and white pepper. And Quorum Maduro delivers a darker, sweeter profile of cocoa, earth, and spice with its rugged Maduro wrapper. You can easily fit Quorum cigars in your coolerdor starting under two bucks apiece.

Strength: Medium
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra

Shop Quorum Cigars

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