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How to Gift Wrap Cigars

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Shane K.

As we head into the holidays, cigars make the best gifts when you’ve got an aficionado on your gift list. Before you run out to buy a box of cigars, a sampler, or a few singles for your favorite connoisseur, here’s a bit of advice for how to wrap cigars as gifts. Presentation and freshness matter when you’re handing out a cigar for your boss, buddy, or family member. 

Freshness First

Cigars need to be stored at 70% RH (relative humidity) and 70 degrees. If you’re buying cigars today, but you don’t plan to give them to your gift recipient for a few weeks, you need to keep them humidified. A few days outside of a humidor is usually not a big deal. But after 3 or 4 days, cigars dry out. If you have a humidor at home, store your gift cigars inside until it’s close to the date you want to give your gift. The cellophane around the cigars and the boxes they come in does not keep them fresh without a humidification source.

There are plenty of temporary alternatives for storing cigars if you don’t have a humidor. The best method with the least fuss is to use a humidity pouch. Cigar humidifier pouches, or packs, eliminate any worry over humidification. If you’re buying an assortment of individual cigars, include a humidification pouch in the Ziploc bag with the cigars. A pouch will keep your cigars fresh for up to 3 or 4 months.

Consider a Fuente Humidor Bag – a heavy-duty Ziploc bag that’s equipped with a humidity pouch on the inside. You can accommodate varying numbers of cigars depending on what size you buy. You can fit an entire box of cigars inside the largest bag. Some samplers, like the La Aroma de Cuba 5-Cigar Fresh Pack, are sealed in humidified packaging that keeps the cigars fresh for up to a year.

The other big advantage humidity pouches offer is that you don’t have to worry if your gift recipient doesn’t have a humidor. Your money is well spent on cigars when you can guarantee their freshness, even if they aren’t smoked for a while after you give them as a gift.

Place Your Cigars in an Empty Cigar Box

Cigars are fragile. If you’re shipping cigars, pack them like glassware. The wrapper leaves on cigars can crack if they’re squeezed too hard or if the box they’re in is shaken in transit. If you’re buying single cigars, first secure them in a Ziploc (with a humidity pouch, if necessary). Don’t pack loose cigars in an empty box without protection around them.

Secondly, place the Ziploc in an empty cigar box and wrap it up. Not only do empty cigar boxes look cool as gift packaging, they’re also very functional. Cigars are far less susceptible to damage in a firm box, especially if you’re traveling with them or sending them through the mail. Plus, it’s much easier to cover an empty cigar box with wrapping paper and a bow versus a bendable Ziploc bag.  

Include a Cutter & Matches

Most premium retail cigar shops will give you an inexpensive cigar cutter and book of matches when you’re buying a gift. It’s a nice touch to include these in your gift box. Your cigar lover won’t have to hunt for a cut or light when they’re opening your cigars.

Cigars in Tubes

When you want to hand someone a single cigar as gift, get a cigar in a tube. All of the top cigar brands produce cigars in tubes. Many cigar tubes are made of wood or aluminum and include a cedar lining around the cigar. Ashton VSG Eclipse, Arturo Fuente Chateau Series, and Padron 1926 Series No. 90 are just a few of the phenomenal cigars in tubes to consider. A tube enhances a cigar’s flavor as it ages and it looks classy. Tie a ribbon or a bow over the tube to hand it to someone as a gift.

Include a Bottle of Something Nice

It’s customary to give cigars as gifts with a nice bottle of spirits. Premium cigars pair perfectly with scotch, bourbon, rum, cognac, wine, and more. Take a look at our suggestions for specific cigar-and-spirits pairings when you want to impress your favorite cigar lover with the ultimate gift package. 

Best Cigars for Gifts

If you haven’t bought your cigars yet, or you’re unsure which cigars to buy, check out our article on the best cigar gifts. We recommend full boxes, samplers, accessories and more from the best brands. 

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