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National Smoke a Cigar Day

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If you had no idea there was a National Smoke a Cigar Day, now you do. It’s February 27th, and it makes for a great excuse to smoke a cigar in case you didn’t have one already. For cigar lovers, the day commemorates the inventions of Oscar Hammerstein, who engineered and improved the automation of cigar-making during the 1800s. At Holt’s, we prefer cigars that are made the old-fashioned way – by hand – but we’re not shy about finding a good reason to light up a cigar from our massive inventory of more than 550 premium brands.

Celebrate with a Cigar

The main reasons to smoke a cigar include the birth of a baby, winning a big game, getting married, getting a new job or a promotion, and retiring. But you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to smoke a cigar. Enjoy the moment by relaxing with a great smoke right now. You’ll never regret carving an hour out of your day to meditate over the flavor and aroma of one of the best cigars you can smoke.

Visit a Cigar Lounge

February is still a chilly month in most states, so if you need a place to smoke indoors to celebrate National Smoke a Cigar Day, visit a cigar lounge. Luckily, we’re in Philadelphia where the Ashton Cigar Bar is located, one of the top cigar bars in America. If you’ve got a cigar lounge at home, that’s even better. Invite your pals over for an end-of-winter cigar herf. Nobody wants to smoke alone.

Pair Your Favorite Cigars & Spirits

National Cigar Day sounds better and better when we can smoke our favorite cigars with bourbon, scotch, beer, wine, cognac, or any number of cocktails that you’re craving. Check out our extensive library of the best cigar and drink pairings when you need to stock your bar at home before your buddies drop by. Football season is officially over by the time National Smoke a Cigar Day rolls around, so it’s essential you find more reasons to smoke cigars with friends in the absence of watching a big game.

3 Great Cigars to Smoke on National Cigar Day

Need some inspiration for what to smoke? There is no shortage of top-rated Dominican cigars or award-winning Nicaraguan cigars we can suggest, but here are three that never fail to satisfy.

1. Ashton VSG

Ashton VSG is rich and complex from beginning to end, and it’s one of the best cigars to smoke on National Smoke a Cigar Day because it’s a 94-rated Dominican classic. A hearty and succulent blend of Dominican long-fillers rests beneath an oily, ultra-smooth Ecuador Sumatra wrapper leaf. A stunning profile of leather, cedar, espresso, and earth resonates with sweet and tangy spices in a collection of soft box-pressed shapes, plus a handful of round formats, including the larger ring gauge Wizard and a Toro in a Tubo called the Eclipse. Ashton cigars are blended and aged to perfection by legendary cigar-maker Carlito Fuente.

Strength: Full
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra

Shop Ashton VSG Cigars

2. San Cristobal Quintessence

Celebrated father-and-son cigar-makers Pepin and Jaime Garcia have blended some of the highest-rated cigars of the last two decades. San Cristobal Quintessence is a recent masterpiece and was ranked as the ‘#3 Cigar of the Year’ with a 95-point rating in Cigar Aficionado. A medium to full-bodied profile of cocoa, molasses, coffee bean, and chewy spices layers the palate in six top-selling sizes. Quintessence is drawn from an Ecuador Habano wrapper leaf over a vintage core of premium Nicaraguan long-fillers. San Cristobal cigars are handmade in Estel, Nicaragua, at the Garcia family’s state-of-the-art cigar factory.

Strength: Medium-Full
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Shop San Cristobal Quintessence Cigars

3. Arturo Fuente Hemingway

When you can’t decide what cigar you want to savor on National Smoke a Cigar Day, choose a classic. Arturo Fuente Hemingway is one of the best Dominican cigars ever created. It’s blended from a toothy Cameroon wrapper leaf and a magnificent interior of premium Dominican binder and filler tobaccos in an impressive series of Perfectos, including the world-famous Short Story and Work of Art cigars. Hemingway is a cornerstone in the prestigious portfolio of Arturo Fuente cigars, and if you haven’t smoked one yet, you’ve got no time to spare. If you have, you know why we’re happy to recommend this 94-rated gem on National Smoke a Cigar Day.

Strength: Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon

Shop Arturo Fuente Hemingway Cigars

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