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Argyle Maduro Staff Review

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Grant T.

Argyle isn’t simply a pattern on a bagpiper’s skirt – it’s an insanely popular cigar brand handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, and today I’m going to tell you why you should procure a box of Argyle Maduros for your coolerdor while I smoke a classic 7-by-50 Churchill, friends.

I’ve levied my praise upon a hit list of Argyle’s finest, including the original Argyle, Banquet Selection, Conundrum, Fumas, and White Glove. What distinguishes Argyle Maduro is its oily and toothy Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, under which a delightful bevy of premium Dominican long-filler tobaccos rests following a lengthy fermentation to ensure perfectly smooth taste.

Argyle cigars have been in my rotation for years, and I’ve converted many an aficionado into a loyal Argyle disciple thanks to the mind-blowing quality and flavor these cigars bring to the table for a mere fraction of the price of what other premiums cost. The thing is, Argyle is only available at Holt’s. And despite the brand’s status as a house exclusive, Argyle has racked up a steep surplus of 4 and 5-star customer reviews – and the general public doesn’t lie. Word about the unrivaled virtue of Argyle cigars hit the street years ago, and you’re better off getting on board now versus never.

When I crack a fresh box of Churchills and unsheathe one from its cellophane sleeve, delicious aromas of cocoa powder and cedar emanate from head to foot as I spin the cigar under my beak for a proper ten-point inspection. A perfectly dense ratio of binder and filler tobaccos has been assembled under the wrapper, and after cutting the cap off, delightful notes of molasses, nuts, and raisin characterize the cold taste. Naturally, the airflow is exquisite. After gently toasting the foot for two minutes, streams of creamy, white smoke glide into the ceiling tiles over my desktop monitor. Smoking inside at work is a major perk of my job, and it doesn’t take long for Argyle Maduro to inspire inquisitive stares from coworkers who want to smoke one too.

Tasting notes of dark cocoa and pepper cover my taste buds while nutty undertones of macadamia and cashew resonate in the finish of each draw. Argyle Maduro cigars are produced by expert cigar rollers at one of the Dominican Republic’s leading factories for small-batch brands. An excellent ash forms on the foot as I’ve come to expect from Argyle cigars in general, thanks to the brand’s longstanding reputation for consistency. 

Luscious notes of chocolate bark build up with hints of cumin and nutmeg when I give each draw a little extra time to resonate on my palate. Argyle Maduro progresses without becoming overpowering, a hallmark you’ll find in today’s best Dominican cigars. Touches of maple and nougat materialize over the cigar’s nutty foundation while a cascade of spice weaves a magnificent tapestry of flavor over my taste buds. And the Churchill I’m smoking burns straight as an arrow, by the way.

Beyond the impressive taste and performance of Argyle Maduro cigars is the price. A box of 20 pristine smokes goes for around ninety bucks. Most folks order one of our bestselling Argyle samplers, like the ‘Black Tie’ Assortment, ‘Canopy’ Collection, or ‘Micro Batch’ Monster Deal, when they’re trying Argyle for the first time. Then, they’ll splurge on a full box of their favorite blend to get the maximum discounts available.

If you’re a frugal curmudgeon who’s accustomed to cutting your cigars in half to get the most smoke for your buck, drop the garden shears and order Argyle Maduro today. These sweet premiums are proof positive you don’t have to cut corners or spend an entire paycheck for a great box of cigars you’ll be proud to share with your pals. Buy a box of these toothy beauties for your man cave and prove me wrong, friends!

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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