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The 10 Best Cigar Samplers

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Cigar samplers are one of the most popular ways for cigar lovers to try new cigars. Many samplers include a variety of different blends from a single brand, and others feature multiple brands. Cigar assortments make great gifts for your favorite aficionados. Often, you can scoop them up for a decent discount, too. Here is a list of the best cigar samplers. Keep these in mind when you want to freshen up the collection in your humidor or impress a cigar connoisseur with a sweet gift.

#1 - Ashton 5-Cigar Assortment

Five of the most popular and highest-rated Dominican cigars ever created are featured in the Ashton 5-Cigar Assortment. Indulge in five premium aged blends handcrafted from the finest tobaccos, including Connecticut Shade, Connecticut Broadleaf, and Ecuador Sumatra wrapper varietals. Iconic cigars like Ashton Classic, Ashton Aged Maduro, and Ashton VSG represent the brand’s thirty-five-year reputation with magnificent and versatile flavor. Celebrated cigar-maker Carlito Fuente blends the entire Ashton portfolio to an unrivaled standard for taste and aroma. Tour one of the best mild cigar samplers ever created.

Sampler includes:
1 - Ashton Aged Maduro #40 (6 x 50)
1 - Ashton 8-9-8 (6.5 x 44)
1 - Ashton Cabinet Pyramid (6 x 52)
1 - Ashton Heritage Churchill (6.75 x 48)
1 - Ashton VSG Robusto (5.5 x 50)


Shop Ashton 5-Cigar Assortment

#2 - Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City Assortment

Fuente Fuente Opus X is among the rarest and most sought-after cigars ever created. Experience the legendary and hard-to-find blend in an excellent 5-cigar collection, featuring three distinct sizes in the Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City Assortment. This exclusive lineup is comprised of Carlito Fuente’s renowned recipe of ultra-rare Dominican binder, filler, and wrapper tobaccos grown on the family’s prized Chateau de la Fuente estates in the Dominican Republic. Opus X is considered one of the best Dominican cigars. Never hesitate to get one when they’re in stock. They sell out fast.

Sampler includes:
2 - Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City Double Robusto (5.75 x 52)
1 - Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City Robusto (5.25 x 50)
2 - Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City Toro (6.75 x 48)


Shop Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City Assortment

#3 - La Aroma de Cuba Fresh Pack Sampler

Five acclaimed La Aroma de Cuba cigars include the original 93-rated La Aroma de Cuba, 94-rated Edicion Especial, 95-rated Mi Amor, and the 94-rated Reserva. Each cigar is blended by award-winning cigar-maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia from the finest aged Nicaraguan tobaccos and a shimmering collection of wrapper varietals. Best of all, the La Aroma de Cuba Fresh Pack comes in a convenient and resealable humidified sleeve, making this sampler an excellent choice for your golf bag, carry-on luggage, and as a gift. Fresh Packs stay fresh for one year unopened and for 90 days after the first use.  

Sampler includes:
1 - La Aroma de Cuba Robusto (5.25 x 54)
1 - La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial #5 (5.5 x 52)
1 - La Aroma de Cuba Reserva Maximo (5.5 x 54)
1 - La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso (5.5 x 54)
1 - La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Magnifico (6 x 52)


Shop La Aroma de Cuba Fresh Pack Sampler

#4 - Oliva Master Blends Monster Deal

When the now-famous Oliva brand began to pick up steam in the mid-2000s as a maker of insanely popular premium Nicaraguan cigars, the company released a rare, super-premium blend called Oliva Master Blends. Originally, the 92-rated gem was an annual limited edition only available at select retailers. An oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper embraces a sweet and spicy recipe of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Experience four bestselling shapes in the 20-cigar Oliva Master Blends Monster Deal, and score an unbelievable discount. The Oliva Master Blends Monster Deal is one of the most reviewed and most popular cigar samplers in our sprawling warehouse.

Sampler includes:
5 - Oliva Master Blends 3 Churchill (7 x 50)
5 - Oliva Master Blends 3 Robusto (5 x 50)
5 - Oliva Master Blends 3 Torpedo (6 x 52)
5 - Oliva Master Blends 3 Double Robusto (5 x 54)


Shop Oliva Master Blends Monster Deal

#5 - Padrón 1964 Anniversary Sampler

The Padrón family has picked up more ‘#1 Cigar of the Year’ titles from Cigar Aficionado than any other brand to date, winning in four different years, including 2021 with the 97-rated 1964 Anniversary Torpedo. Much of the brand’s modern success is traced back to its top-selling Padrón 1964 Anniversary blend. The all-Nicaraguan profile is available in a Maduro or a Natural wrapper leaf. Indulge in an uncontested classic in five box-pressed formats in the Padrón 1964 Sampler. Signature Padrón tasting notes of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cocoa, cedar, and leather feature prominently. Explore one of the best Nicaraguan cigars available.

Sampler includes:
1 - Padron 1964 Anniversary 'A' Natural (8.25 x 50)
1 - Padron 1964 Anniversary Diplomatico Natural (7 x 50)
1 - Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo Natural (5.5 x 50)
1 - Padron 1964 Anniversary Torpedo Natural (6 x 52)
1 - Padron 1964 Anniversary Imperial Natural (6 x 54)


Shop Padron 1964 Anniversary Sampler

#6 - San Cristobal 60-Ring Assortment

Big ring gauge cigars continue to amass a huge audience these days. Taste a trio of top-rated ultra-thick gems blended by Pepin Garcia in the 6-cigar San Cristobal 60-Ring Assortment. Wrapper varietals include the original Ecuador Habano Oscuro, Ecuador Connecticut, and Ecuador Sumatra. Beneath each lies a balanced and flavorful recipe of well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos cultivated on prized Garcia family estates.

Sampler includes:
2 - San Cristobal Revelation Odyssey (6 x 60)
2 - San Cristobal Eleganica Grandioso (6 x 60)
2 - San Cristobal Papagayo XXL (6 x 60)


Shop San Cristobal 60-Ring Assortment

#7 - Oliva ‘Celebration’ Sampler

The Oliva ‘Celebration’ Sampler is loaded with Oliva’s highest-rated bestsellers, including the 96-rated, former ‘#1 Cigar of the Year,’ Serie V Melanio, 95-rated Serie V Melanio Maduro, the original 95-rated Serie V, 94-rated Serie O, 92-rated Master Blends 3, the mild and creamy Connecticut Reserve, ultra-rare Monticello, and more for an irresistible discount. If you’re an Oliva fan, you can’t pass up a 20-cigar collection stacked with Oliva’s biggest hits. A versatile mix of profiles is handmade from the finest premium tobaccos in the modern Oliva factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Sampler includes:
2 - Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro (6 x 50)
2 - Oliva Master Blends 3 Churchill (7 x 50)
2 - Oliva Monticello Churchill (7 x 50)
2 - Oliva Serie G Churchill (7 x 50)
2 - Oliva Serie G Maduro Churchill (7 x 50)
2 - Oliva Serie O Toro (6 x 50)
2 - Oliva Serie V Double Robusto (5 x 54)
2 - Oliva Serie V Maduro Double Robusto (5 x 54)
2 - Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto (5 x 52)
2 - Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro Robusto (5 x 52)


Shop Oliva 'Celebration' Sampler

#8 - Nub 8-Cigar Sampler

The Nub 8-Cigar Sampler is the ultimate place to explore the most popular short and fat cigars ever created. Every Nub variety is on deck including the 92-rated Nub Cameroon, 90-rated Nub Maduro, the creamy and elegant Nub Connecticut, and the zesty Nub Habano. There are two of each blend inside. Nub is handmade at the Oliva factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, to the highest standards for quality and flavor. Despite their short stature, Nub cigars burn cool and slow and deliver plumes of silky taste and aroma in every puff. Indulge in four different wrapper varietals from a brand that graduated from trendy to mainstream years ago.

Sampler includes:
1 - Nub Connecticut 358 (3.75 x 58)
1 - Nub Cameroon 466 Box Press Torpedo (4 x 66)
1 - Nub Cameroon 464T (4 x 64)
1 - Nub Habano Sun Grown 466 (4 x 66)
1 - Nub Maduro 460 (4 x 60)
1 - Nub Maduro 464T (4 x 64)
1 - Nub Connecticut 464T (4 x 64)
1 - Nub Habano Sun Grown 464T (4 x 64)


Shop Nub 8-Cigar Sampler

#9 - La Aroma de Cuba & La Gloria Monster Deal

A pair of Cuban-legacy classics is packaged side by side in a stellar 20-cigar smorgasbord you can easily share with your friends, given the generous discount applied to the price. The 93-rated La Aroma de Cuba is drawn from a shimmering Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and vintage Nicaraguan long-fillers blended by Pepin Garcia. La Gloria Cuban has been a hit with big ring gauge fans since the 1990s. An oily Maduro wrapper conceals a complex amalgam of Dominican, Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Brazilian tobaccos. Ten of each cigar equals plenty to go around if you’re hosting a poker night or bachelor party.  

Sampler includes:
10 - La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5 Maduro (5.5 x 54)
10 - La Aroma de Cuba Robusto (5.25 x 54)


Shop La Aroma de Cuba & La Gloria Cubana Monster Deal

#10 – AJ Fernandez ‘El Cubano’ Sampler

Ten top-rated cigars from AJ Fernandez were selected for the ‘El Cubano’ Sampler! The 90-rated Bellas Artes Maduro, 90-rated Dias de Gloria, 92-rated Enclave, 91-rated New World, and the 90-rated New World Cameroon complete a 10-cigar collection curated by Nicaragua’s hottest cigar-maker. Spicy, earthy, woody, and sweet profiles meld with stunning accord – and the price is unbeatable. Tour AJ’s bestsellers in a one impressive package.

Sampler includes:
2 - AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Maduro Toro (6 x 54)
2 - AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria Toro (6 x 56)
2 - AJ Fernandez Enclave Toro (6 x 52)
2 - New World Gordo (6 x 58)
2 - New World Cameroon Toro (6 x 52)


Shop AJ Fernandez 'El Cubano' Sampler

Explore Cigar Sampler Deals

Explore even more samplers when you want to shop according to ratings, strength, or price. We organize our samplers so it’s easy for you to find the cigars you want for the lowest prices when you in search of new assortments to smoke.

Top-Rated Cigar Samplers

The critics carry a lot of weight with consumers, especially the editors at Cigar Aficionado. That’s why so many of the top-rated cigar samplers we sell include the highest-scoring cigars to grace the pages of the cigar industry’s number one publication. Try this one!

‘King’s Ransom 2’ Super Sampler

Four top-rated, award-winning brands star in an unparalleled 12-cigar collection in the ‘King’s Ransom 2’ Super Sampler. Carlito Fuente blends the 94-rated Ashton VSG and the 92-rated Arturo Fuente Hemingway from the finest tobaccos grown on select Fuente family estates in the Dominican Republic. Two critically acclaimed Nicaraguan cigars are also included: the 95-rated La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor and the 97-rated Padrón 1926 Series. La Aroma de Cuba is blended by master cigar-maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia, and Padrón 1926 Series hails from the world-renowned Padron family. Both blends have earned rankings in Cigar Aficionado’s annual ‘Top 5.’

Sampler includes:
3 - Ashton VSG Sorcerer (7 x 49)
3 - La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso (5.5 x 54)
3 - Padron 1926 Series #2 Maduro (Torpedo) (5.5 x 52)
3 - Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic (7 x 48)


Shop 'King's Ransom 2' Super Sampler

Mild Cigar Samplers

Mild cigars samplers make the most sense for so many cigar lovers. We’ve dedicated entire aisles in our warehouse to mild cigars, and a sampler is the best way to get acquainted with them. Our Romeo y Julieta & Montecristo Monster Deal always lands at the top of our sales charts.

Romeo y Julieta & Montecristo Monster Deal

Add a collection of Cuban-legacy classics to your coolerdor to share with your pals on poker night with the Romeo y Julieta & Montecristo Monster Deal. The 20-cigar sampler is over half off every day of the week. Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta need no introduction as a pair of the most famous name brands you’re bound to come across. Get ten of each cigar and devour the creamy, easygoing flavors of nuts, spices, cedar, and coffee bean they deliver with an elegant aroma for the lowest prices online.

Sampler includes:
10 - Romeo y Julieta 1875 Robusto Larga (5.75 x 50)
10 - Montecristo Robusto Larga (5.75 x 50)


Shop Romeo y Julieta & Montecristo Monster Deal

Medium Cigar Samplers

Because medium-bodied cigars please almost everybody, you can never go wrong adding one of our medium-bodied cigar samplers to your humidor. Take the Alec Bradley ‘All-Star’ for spin.

Alec Bradley ‘All-Star’ Sampler

Alec Bradley fans can’t resist the 10-cigar Alec Bradley ‘All-Star’ Sampler because their favorite blends are included for a fraction of the original price. Five top-rated Alec Bradley blends include the 96-rated, former ‘#1 Cigar of the Year,’ Alec Bradley Prensado, with the 94-rated Family Blend, 90-rated Connecticut, 90-rated Tempus Nicaragua, and the earthy and meaty Magic Toast. Award-winning taste meets rock-bottom prices for an unmistakable value in a sampler that’s guaranteed to please your pals when they’re hanging out in your man cave to watch a big game on the flat screen.

Sampler includes:
2 - Alec Bradley Connecticut Toro (6 x 50)
2 - Alec Bradley Family Blend BX2 (6 x 54)
2 - Alec Bradley Magic Toast Toro (6 x 54)
2 - Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro (6 x 54)
2 - Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua Medius (6 x 52)


Shop Alec Bradley 'All-Star' Sampler

Strong Cigar Samplers

There are so many amazing full-flavored, full-bodied cigars to smoke today. Add one of our strong cigar samplers to your humidor and experience the rich and often zesty taste you won’t get in a milder blend. Ashton VSG is one of the uncontested classics you should indulge in.

Ashton VSG Assortment

When Ashton VSG debuted in 1999, it marked a big shift in consumers’ tastes. Legendary cigar-maker Carlito Fuente created VSG from a robust but incredibly smooth blend of premium Dominican long-fillers tucked under a succulent Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. In the VSG Assortment, you’re treated to five distinct sizes in a mouthwatering vertical tasting you’ll savor for days.

Sampler includes:
1 - Ashton VSG Wizard (6 x 56)
1 - Ashton VSG Sorcerer (7 x 49)
1 - Ashton VSG Torpedo (6.5 x 55)
1 - Ashton VSG Eclipse (6 x 52)
1 - Ashton VSG Robusto (5.5 x 50)


Shop Ashton VSG Assortment

Most Reviewed Samplers

Who doesn’t like to buy cigars based on what other customers have to say? Check out the most reviewed cigar samplers before you pull the trigger, and hear it from the horse’s mouth – other cigar smokers just like you!

Rocky Patel Mulligans ‘Aces’ Collection

Rocky Patel is well known for dozens of hits like Decade, 15th Anniversary, and Renaissance, but you can’t leave out Rocky Patel Mulligans in a discussion of his brand’s biggest sellers. What began as a staging ground for Rocky’s newest releases and experimental cigars has grown into a massive franchise of his finest work – and the discounts you can access on ‘RP’ Mulligans are downright incredible. Add the ‘Aces’ Collection to your humidor for a 10-cigar tour de force of the savory gems from Rocky. Mild, medium, and full-bodied profiles include Connecticut, Cuban-seed, San Andres, and Candela wrappers in a marvelous medley. The sheer number of customer reviews you can read on Mulligans says it all!

Sampler includes:
2 - Rocky Patel Mulligans Fairway Edition Whiff (7 x 50)
2 - Rocky Patel Mulligans Eagle Reserve Whiff (7 x 50)
2 - Rocky Patel Mulligans Masters Collection King (7 x 50)
2 - Rocky Patel Mulligans Clubhouse Select Whiff (7 x 50)
2 - Rocky Patel Mulligans Whiff (7 x 50)


Shop Rocky Patel Mulligans 'Aces' Collection

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