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Our Favorite Cigar Samplers for Traveling

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About the best time to enjoy a cigar is on vacation. That’s why you’ll find cigar shops near a number of resort areas, golf courses, and even on cruise ships. By the time you get where you’re going, it’s awesome to kick back and have a cigar. But get out your credit card if you didn’t bring cigars with you. Not unlike with toothpaste and aspirin, you’re going to be paying up the nose if you buy your cigars on vacation. Who wants to buy phony Cubans from a guy on the beach anyhow? We’ve made it easy to plan ahead by recommending the best cigar samplers to take on your travels.

Suitcase & Carry-On-Friendly Samplers

You’ve got to pack light. You’re not even sure if the wife is going to let you get away with having a cigar on the beach, so why tote a humidor around the airport? These 5-10 cigar samplers include a nice variety of premium handmades you can easily stick in your suitcase or carry-on without taking up much space.

  1. The Ashton 5-Cigar Assortment includes five exceptional Dominican cigars from the award-winning Ashton brand. Legendary cigar-maker Carlito Fuente blends the entire collection in five unique shapes from the finest premium aged tobaccos. Connecticut Shade, Connecticut Broadleaf, Ecuador Sumatra, and Cuban-seed wrapper varietals deliver a magnificent range of flavors from creamy, nutty, and sweet profiles to rich, earthy notes of leather, raisins, and cedar.


  1. Indulge in five top-rated blends created by celebrated cigar-maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia in the La Aroma de Cuba/San Cristobal ’92-95’ Rated Assortment. Tasting notes of cracked black pepper, espresso beans, dark chocolate, and hickory emerge in an excellent array that includes the 95-rated former ‘#2 Cigar of the Year,’ La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor, with the bestselling, 93-rated original La Aroma de Cuba and the luscious 92-rated San Cristobal Revelation.


  1. You won’t regret packing the unrivaled reputation of Padron in the Padron 1964 Anniversary Sampler (available in Natural or Maduro wrapper options). Notes of cayenne, cedar, cinnamon, and baking spices are delivered in five lauded, box-pressed shapes. It’s far more cost effective to bring this 94-rated blend along for the ride instead of charging it to your bill at the hotel bar.


  1. Ten iconic cigars are on deck in five distinct blends (2 each) in the Arturo Fuente ‘Variety’ Sampler. Many of the Fuente family’s bestselling releases are represented, including Arturo Fuente Hemingway, Arturo Fuente Chateau, and Arturo Fuente Don Carlos. Almonds, chestnuts, leather, and notes of fresh ground coffee intrigue the palate from beginning to end.


  1. Discover eight popular Oliva gems in the Oliva 8-Cigar Assortment, including two ultra-rare Oliva Serie V Maduro Toros along with the brand’s 95-rated Oliva Serie V, 94-rated Oliva Serie O, and the wildly sought-after, 92-rated Oliva Master Blends. Ecuador Connecticut, Cameroon, Nicaraguan, and Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper varietals assemble the perfect collection of cigars for before, during, and after dinner.


  1. Two each of Rocky’s bestselling cigars are included in the 10-cigar Rocky Patel ‘Luxury Collection’ Sampler. The 95-rated ‘RP’ Decade joins the 90-rated ‘RP’ Renaissance, ‘RP’ Ocean Club, and more. Tasting notes of espresso beans, leather, wood, and nuts develop throughout an insanely affordable tour of Rocky’s best-known cigars.


  1. Splurge on the Davidoff 9-Cigar Assortment when you feel like treating yourself to the brand’s white label reputation on your travels. A creamy, mild Ecuador Connecticut wrapper embraces a variety of handcrafted Dominican binder and filler tobaccos throughout this collection. Davidoff is known for delivering tasting notes of almonds, mushrooms, cedar, coffee beans, and caramel.

Quantity Is King

If you’re planning a backpacking extravaganza with a group of cigar-mooching pals, you can’t afford to take any chances. Check out our selection of 20-cigar Monster Deals. You can save big on a huge variety of brands and bring along a bigger assortment of cigars for everyone’s palate.

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