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Best Table Top Cigar Lighters

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Shane K.

It’s summer and we’re officially in herf season, friends. That means communal cigar smoking abounds, and when you’re smoking with a bunch of your buddies in the backyard, a bigger cigar lighter is called for. You need a reliable cigar torch with a big butane tank for an afternoon of heavy use. Here are nine great table-top torch lighters you can pass around without worrying they’re going to run out of gas.

1. La Aroma de Cuba Pasión Triple Torch Lighter

La Aroma de Cuba cigars are blended by Pepin Garcia in Estelí, Nicaragua, and Pasión is one of his finest creations to date. This chunky triple-jet torch delivers a powerful flame when you flip the lid and hit the ignition. Adjust the flame with an oversized dial on the bottom of the lighter and let your pals light their cigars for hours without refilling the tank. Add a matching Pasión Ashtray to your man cave in the classy mint and gold finish while you’re at it.


Shop La Aroma de Cuba Pasión Triple Torch Lighter

2. Nub Triple Torch Table Top Lighter

The Nub Triple Torch Table Top Lighter feels like a petite beer can in your hand, and its bright white, silver, and red colors are guaranteed to get attention when it’s sitting out on your coffee table. Simply hit the red letter “b” in the three-dimensional Nub logo on the front to ignite a trio of flaming jets. This fun table lighter mirrors the short fat shape of Nub cigars. We know your pals won’t stop playing with it the second you buy one.


Shop Nub Triple Torch Table Top Lighter

3. Lotus Brawn Table Top Quad Torch Lighter

The Lotus Brawn Table Top Quad Torch Lighter is smart and sporty. The lid doubles as a cigar rest, and when you flip it open, a wide ignition switch on the front of the lighter is easy to pull down with your thumb. Best of all, four red-hot jets are angled to create a concentrated flame at the foot of your cigar. Toast your next smoke like a pro and easily adjust the flame height with an oversized dial at the bottom. The Brawn comes in a handful of stylish finishes.


Shop Lotus Brawn Table Top Quad Torch Lighter

4. Jetline Echo Table Lighter

Jetline lighters account for some the most reliable and most affordable torches you can get these days, and the Jetline Echo Table Lighter takes everything a step further. Its ergonomic banana-like shape sits upright on the table thanks to a detachable base. The Echo will attract your pals, no problem, and this potent single jet fires up when you flip the switch on the front. Plus, it comes with a punch cutter you can put on your keyring if you prefer.


Shop Jetline Echo Table Lighter

5. Xikar Allume Table Top Triple Torch Lighter

Xikar has been a leader in lighter technology for decades. The Allume Table Top Triple Torch Lighter unleashes a potent trio of jets when you squeeze the ignition bar on the side. Dial in the right flame height by twisting the wheel at the bottom, and never worry about overheating the jets thanks to a vent at the top. A retractable lid keeps unwanted dust and debris out of your jets, and you can rely on Xikar’s lifetime warranty when you put the Allume Table Top Lighter through its paces. 


Shop Xikar Allume Table Top Triple Torch Lighter

6. Oliva Triple Torch Table Lighter

Oliva produces some of the highest-rated and fastest-selling cigars on the planet, so it’s only fitting you should be able to acquire a matching table top torch and ashtray for your man cave. This sleek, dark-brown lighter with gold accents fills the hand with a substantial chassis. Flip up the lid and push the ignition down with your thumb to unleash three potent jet flames when you’re ready to toast your next cigar. Your pals will love it thanks to its big gas tank and beefy dimensions.


Shop Oliva Triple Torch Table Lighter

7. Perdomo Triple Torch Table Lighter

Perdomo brand founder Nick Perdomo provides his fans with a complete line of accessories. Nick won’t put his name on anything that’s inferior in quality, so you can rest assured you’ll get plenty of mileage out of your Perdomo Triple Torch Table Lighter. The black rubberized finish feels great in the hand and fires up seamlessly when you pull the ignition lever back with your thumb in a single action. A trio of blistering jets shoots out to ignite your cigar in seconds. This low maintenance table torch is ergonomic and has a nice weight. Verified buyers have had nothing but praise for it. Plus, Perdomo devotees can add a matching Perdomo Square 4-Finger Ashtray, made from durable melamine for outdoor use, and a classy Perdomo Ceramic Ashtray for poker nights inside the man cave.


Shop Perdomo Triple Torch Table Lighter

8. CAO Flathead Triple Torch Table Lighter

If you smoke cigars in the garage while you’re tuning up your muscle car, the CAO Flathead Triple Torch will fit in better than any table lighter on this list. The lighter’s beefy chassis is shaped like an engine block, and its oversized gas tank can hold a ton of butane. Pop the lid and hit the button on the front for immediate access to three scorching jet flames. The red and gunmetal finish reads “CAO” on one side and “Flathead” on the other. Best of all, when you lay the lighter on its side, it doubles as a cigar rest. Vroom!


Shop CAO Flathead Triple Torch Table Lighter

9. Macanudo Triple Torch Table Lighter

The Macanudo Triple Torch Table Lighter is shaped like a golden Rubik’s Cube. Its blocky dimensions feature a raised Macanudo logo on all four sides. The medallion on the front functions as the ignition button, and when you hit it, three sizzling jets unleash a concentrated flame to toast the foot of your next cigar. And, after you get your cigar going, the top of the lighter serves as a cigar rest, which beats the heck out of a beer can any day.


Shop Macanudo Triple Torch Table Lighter

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