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Accessories Series: Best Luxury Cigar Accessories

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Whether you’re gearing up for gift-giving ahead of Father’s Day and graduation season or you’re getting a jump on the Holidays or an anniversary or birthday for your favorite cigar lover, we’ve compiled a list of luxury cigar accessories guaranteed to impress.

Just like with automobiles and cell phones, manufacturers release a new crop of cigar lighters, cutters, humidors, and ashtrays every year with a fresh look and new innovations. Here’s a rundown of the most popular cigar accessories when you’re in the mood to upgrade your cigar equipment or you need a cool gift for an aficionado.

Cigar Lighters

A reliable cigar lighter is more than a simple luxury for the average cigar lover – it’s an essential tool and the first thing you reach for after you’ve got a cigar in your hand. We carry an awesome selection of cigar lighters, from soft-flame models to single, double, triple, and four-jet torches. Choose an ergonomic, pocket-friendly design or a big, beefy table-top cigar lighter designed to get plenty of attention from your pals while it’s sitting on the coffee table in your man cave. Prices begin under $10, for a basic, inexpensive cigar lighter. Most models are between $30 and $100. Our selection includes XikarJetlineColibri,  VisolBlazer, and more.

The Xikar Element, Xikar Axia, Xikar Forte, and Xikar HP3 Triple Torch represent some of our bestsellers. The brand’s focus on ease-of-use, fuel efficiency, and durability is shown off in a sizeable menu of sporty and ultra-reliable models. Common features include an easy-to-read fuel window, an oversized flame adjustment wheel, and a single-push ignition. Some models include a built-in punch cutter as well. Xikar underscores its reputation with a lifetime warranty on all its products.

The Maxi Jet for $149.95 from ST Dupont is also an extraordinarily popular model thanks to its well-made, slender design, high-end reputation and an auto-locking lid that engages when the lighter is turned upside down.

Jetline offers a considerable value and produces a number of cigar-branded lighters for just $29.95. Nicely weighted dimensions, a flip-out punch cutter, and a dependable ignition have made Jetline a contender with brands that are twice the price.

Cigar Cutters

Delivering a clean and seamless cut to the cap is a critical step in the preparation of a premium cigar. Every connoisseur needs a razor-sharp cutter. Check out our selection of Colibri, Xikar, Savoy, Davidoff, and Visol cutters. Straight, double-guillotine cutters, punches, V-cuts, and scissors are available.

Known for a number of well-made, innovative designs, Xikar is best-known for contemporary models like the wildly popular teardrop-shaped Xi1 and Xi3 editions, the easy-to-fold MTX Scissors, and the innovative inverted blade on the VX V-Cutter. The brand’s ultra-sharp steel blades are covered by an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

For aficionados who prefer a more concentrated draw, our selection of bullet cutters includes a range of models with retractable circular blades that can easily be mounted to a keyring.

Cigar Humidors

A good humidor is essential in order to start a cigar collection. Keep your cigars fresh and let them age. Introductory brands like Artisan and Rochester manufacture inexpensive models for between $30 and $50 if you want to start simple. A wide variety of traditional, contemporary, and exotic finishes are available from Savoy‘s classic collection beginning at $75, depending on the size. Many humidors are made to hold cigar capacities of 25, 50, 75 or more.

The Savoy Executive Series is made entirely from premium hardwoods, which are designed to age your cigars for longer periods of time. The Executive Series features high-end appointments like interlocking joints, brass hinges, a brass lock with a tasseled key, and stunning wood veneers. Starting at $254.95, it’s tough to match the quality of the Savoy Executive Series.

Cigar Ashtrays

An ultra-classy ashtray can make the most basic man cave perk up with wide-eyed appeal, even if your pals are sitting on milk crates out in the garage. Durable, easy-to-clean resin ashtrays can be used indoors or out. Crystal, glass, and ceramic models are crafted in classic and contemporary shapes with vivid colors and beautiful brand logos from Arturo Fuente, Ashton, La Aroma de Cuba, San Cristobal, Padron, and more. Your favorite desktop or coffee table is guaranteed to provoke envy from your buddies the second they catch sight of your favorite ashtray begging them set their cigar down.

Cigar Cases

Never worry about banging up your cigars when you can tote them around in a leather, cedar-lined, or heavy-duty cigar case. Pulling a handful of premium handmades out of a ziplock bag that’s been crammed in your jacket pocket is a buzz kill when the cigar wrappers are frayed and cracking off.

Simple, modern, and exotic finishes are available in Ashton, Visol, Xikar, and Savoy cigar cases when you need a safe place to stash your smokes between Point A and Point B. Toss a few cigars in your golf bag or glovebox without the fear they’ll look like sawdust when you get to your destination. Prices start at $16.95 and go up to about $99.

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