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Arturo Fuente Humidor Bag

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If you were just gifted some cigars and you don’t have a humidor, or you need extra storage because your humidor is filled to capacity, Arturo Fuente Humidor Bags are the perfect temporary storage solution. The thick plastic lining and sturdy ziplock encloses a Boveda humidification pack guaranteed to last for 6 months. Just tuck your cigars in the bag, zip it shut and store at room temperature. Toss a humidor bag into your suitcase and take some cigars on vacation, or bring home a batch of something special you pick up while you’re away! Choose from 3 sizes to fit the right number of cigars for your needs!

Small - 9" x 4 1/2" (Holds 4-5 cigars)
Medium - 11" x 8" (Holds 15 cigars)
Large - 16" x 12" (Holds 30 cigars)

Arturo Fuente Humidor Bag

Arturo Fuente Humidor Bag Small
$10.00 $4.95
Arturo Fuente Humidor Bag Medium
$15.00 $6.95
Arturo Fuente Humidor Bag Large
$20.00 $9.95