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Nub Cigars
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Nub Cigars

Nub cigars are rolled in curiously shaped, short, stout formats that have become wildly popular in recent years. The wrapper variety on Nub cigars hails from well-known regions including Nicaragua, Connecticut and Cameroon while the overall flavors traditionally reflect a medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan profile. Nub cigars are noted for a cool, slow burn which offsets their shorter lengths. If you’re curious about Nub, few other cigars will feel quite the same in your hand or in your mouth. A flavored variety, Nub Café, features sweet, coffee-based aromas.


  • Cain Nub

    Cain Nub

    Price Per Cigar:
    $5.87 - $7.46
    10 options available
    4.8571 7 Reviews
    Strength: Full
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Nicaraguan

    Cain Nub might not be the largest cigar you’ve ever smoked, but boy does it pack a wallop! Rolled using Cain’s blistering blend of 100% Ligero tobaccos, Cain Nub is supremely-full-bodied and loaded with enough peppery spice to make a Cajun blush. A leathery flavor followed by a slightly-sweet, cedary finish can be found lurking in the mace-like clouds of smoke produced by this pint-sized powerhouse.

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  • Nub


    Price Per Cigar:
    $5.12 - $9.24
    28 options available
    4.7500 14 Reviews
    Strength: Medium
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Varies

    Handcrafted in the Oliva factory, these uniquely-shaped, squatty handmades are well-blended and come in Connecticut, Cameroon, Habano and Maduro wrappers. Despite being a stout 3-4 inches in length, these cigars actually burn for a good amount of time and pack a lot of flavor, richness and complexity. These novelty cigars really hit the sweet spot!

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  • Nub Cafe

    Nub Cafe

    Price Per Cigar:
    $3.83 - $7.53
    24 options available
    4.3000 5 Reviews
    Strength: Flavored
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut, Sumatra

    No one can ignore the importance of starting their day off with a delectable coffee beverage. If you also happen to be a true cigar nut whose a fan of the curiously shaped Nub brand, we have amazing news. The folks at Oliva Cigar Company have crafted an ingenious marriage of tobacco and coffee flavors in their beloved Nub line. Savor tons of the creamy deliciousness from your favorite cup of joe with a nice variety of Nub formats. Nub Café is available in 3 distinct varieties: Cappuccino, Espresso and Macchiato. Cappuccino features silky Ecuador Connecticut wrappers over a creamy amalgam of cedar, coffee beans and vanilla flavors. Espresso utilizes a hearty Sumatra wrapper to deliver an intoxicating aroma of dark cocoa and bittersweet toast. Macchiato delivers milky caramel flavors with a sugary profile tucked under chocolaty Sumatra wrappers. Nub Café covers all the bases when it comes to coffee and cigars, order yours today!

    Each Nub Cafe cigar offers a unique blend and flavor profile:

    Cappuccino: A creamy, smooth profile of coffee, cedar and vanilla.

    Espresso: Flavors of dark cocoa with a bittersweet toasty aroma satisfy.

    Macchiato: Milky caramel and chocolate offer a delectable finish.

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  • Nub Nuance

    Nub Nuance

    Price Per Cigar:
    $5.19 - $7.18
    6 options available
    Strength: Flavored
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Wrapper: Sumatra

    Well-known for its fat and stocky shapes, the Nub brand has branched out with a handful of flavored releases in short formats, as well as more traditional sizes. Try Nub Nuance in the Fall Harvest edition, or the Winter Blend. Fall Harvest offers famous flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon and spices in a sweet profile, while the Winter Blend combines notes of peppermint with coffee and cream. Caramel-hued Sumatra wrappers envelop a blend of handcrafted Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Tantalize your taste buds with the recognizable aromas of seasonal flavors with a creamy twist in your favorite sizes.

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  • Nub 8-Cigar Sampler

    Nub 8-Cigar Sampler

    Box of 8
    Only: $29.95
    4.5556 9 Reviews

    Nub cigars are perfect for cigar smokers who love a short length! Nub 8-Cigar Assortment stuffs tons of sumptuous flavors into short, voluptuous sizes. These mild to medium-bodied Nub blends impress with plentiful notes of creamy mocha, cinnamon and sultry spice. Rich, Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos are guaranteed to satisfy under wonderful wrapper varieties, including Cameroon, Connecticut, Habano and Maduro. Save on this selection and see what all of the buzz over Nub is about today!

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  • Nub 'Stub Club' Monster Deal

    Nub 'Stub Club' Monster Deal

    20 Cigars
    Only: $69.95
    4.8333 6 Reviews

    Nub is a novel creation indeed... Spawned in the Oliva factory, these uniquely-shaped cigars are well-blended and come in Connecticut, Cameroon, Habano and Maduro wrappers. Despite being only 4-inches in length, these squatty handmades actually burn for a deceptive amount of time and pack a lot of flavor and richness. This 20-cigar sampler is a ''best of the best'' selection of Nub at over 46% off MSRP!

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  • Nub Cap

    Nub Cap


    Look sporty and keep the sun at bay with a bright white Nub Cap. Indulge in your favorite Nub blends in a super comfy and casual cap with the upbeat Nub logo stitched into the trendy design. Advertise your affinity for the great flavors and curious shapes of Nub cigars.

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  • Nub Square Ashtray

    Nub Square Ashtray


    The curiously shaped, short, stocky format of Nub cigars is beloved by cigar fans around the globe. Pick up a stylish Nub Square Ashtray and invite every Nub fan you know into the confines of your man cave with an abundance of confidence knowing you possess the perfect ashtray for comfortably cradling their favorite cigars. A crisp white color and low profile displays the snazzy black and red Nub logo in a modern shape that can easily accommodate 4 cigars. Order yours today!

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  • Nub Triple Torch Table Top Lighter

    Nub Triple Torch Table Top Lighter


    Nub cigars have been captivating cigar nuts for an extended period of time with their curious shapes. Now you can prove you’re the ultimate Nub fan with the ultra-hip Nub Triple Torch Table Top Lighter. The squatty format of Nub cigars is definitely reflected in the beefy, original design of a table lighter that proudly displays the Nub logo in a silver, white, red and black color scheme with a raised type. The coolest part is that the letter “b” actually functions as the trigger to spark up your favorite new torch. Everyone who visits your man cave will surely be impressed!

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