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Nub Cigars
Average Customer Rating:
102 reviews

Nub Cigars

Nub cigars are rolled in curiously shaped, short, stout formats that have become wildly popular in recent years. The wrapper variety on Nub cigars hails from well-known regions including Nicaragua, Connecticut and Cameroon while the overall flavors traditionally reflect a medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan profile. Nub cigars are noted for a cool, slow burn which offsets their shorter lengths. If you’re curious about Nub, few other cigars will feel quite the same in your hand or in your mouth. A flavored variety, Nub Café, features sweet, coffee-based aromas.


  • Cain Nub

    Cain Nub

    Price Per Cigar:
    $2.91 - $7.46
    10 options available
    Strength: Full
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Nicaraguan
    4.6364 11 Reviews
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  • Nub


    Price Per Cigar:
    $2.70 - $9.24
    28 options available
    Strength: Medium
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Varies
    4.7361 36 Reviews
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  • Nub Cafe

    Nub Cafe

    Price Per Cigar:
    $2.59 - $7.53
    24 options available
    Strength: Flavored
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut, Sumatra
    4.1500 10 Reviews
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  • Nub Nuance

    Nub Nuance

    Price Per Cigar:
    $5.19 - $7.18
    6 options available
    Strength: Flavored
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Wrapper: Sumatra
    5.0000 6 Reviews
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  • Cain Nub 'Troll's Envy' Sampler

    Cain Nub 'Troll's Envy' Sampler

    15 Cigars
    Only: $49.95
    5.0000 3 Reviews
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  • Nub 8-Cigar Sampler

    Nub 8-Cigar Sampler

    Box of 8
    Only: $29.95
    4.5556 9 Reviews
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  • Nub 'Stub Club' Monster Deal

    Nub 'Stub Club' Monster Deal

    20 Cigars
    Only: $69.95
    4.9412 17 Reviews
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  • Oliva & Friends 'World Tour' Sampler

    Oliva & Friends 'World Tour' Sampler

    14 Cigars
    Only: $39.95
    4.5000 4 Reviews
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  • Nub Double Blade Cutter

    Nub Double Blade Cutter

    4.0000 3 Reviews
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  • Nub Hat

    Nub Hat

    4.6667 3 Reviews
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  • Nub Square Ashtray

    Nub Square Ashtray

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  • Nub Triple Torch Table Top Lighter

    Nub Triple Torch Table Top Lighter

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Nub Cigars is a brand developed and distributed by Oliva Cigars. Nub cigars are remarkable for their unique, short, thick formats. The readily identifiable shapes available in the Nub franchise have garnered a tremendous following since their debut in 2008. Although the Oliva family is well-known for its namesake portfolio and an award-winning variety of traditional cigars, Nub was initially launched to test the market with a somewhat polarizing cigar format. However, the shape is actually intended to emphasize and/or isolate the “sweet spot” of optimum flavor and aroma a cigar can potentially reveal in more traditional sizes. Nub cigars hover in the range of 3 3/4 to 4-inches long by a 54 to 66 ring gauge, while the 4 x 60 shape represents the brand’s bestselling format. Although much debate swirls over the notion of a cigar’s sweet spot (generally speaking, the final third of a cigar where a more conspicuous volume of oil, nicotine and flavor converges), Nub has undeniably captured an audience.

Initially, José Oliva, the company’s vice president at the time Nub was launched, expressed hesitation in releasing a cigar that could easily be labeled as “trendy” or a “fad.” Measured expectations prompted the company to debut Nub under the Studio Tobac umbrella, an Oliva subsidiary better known for crafting limited edition, boutique cigars. Although Oliva’s scrutiny was well-placed, Nub quickly grew into more than a fleeting sensation and proved the company’s calculated risk was worthwhile. A robust marketing campaign began in the wake of Nub’s unveiling, including numerous consumer events at fine tobacconists around the country where new cars and a motorcycle were given away. The added pomp and circumstance paid off and Nub’s message resonated with consumers in a manner that would directly correlate to sales. Today, Nub enjoys a hearty following of cigar lovers who have come to embrace the brand’s blends and shapes and who show no signs of relenting.


Nub cigars are handcrafted in Estelí, Nicaragua at the sprawling Oliva Cigars factory, with the same level of patience and discretion as other brands in the company’s portfolio, such as Oliva Serie V and Cigar Aficionado’s top-rated, former ‘#1 Cigar of the Year,’ Oliva Serie V Melanio. While a number of seasoned cigar connoisseurs and industry traditionalists voice difficulty in embracing the shape of Nub, as well as the recent and more widespread trend in bulging, exaggerated ring gauges, Nub persists. Their skepticism largely revolves around the ratio between binder and filler tobaccos and the wrapper leaf that most traditional cigar shapes express – an equation Nub rejects with a flaunted magnification. Because the wrapper leaf on a typical cigar can contribute to sixty percent, or more, of the cigar’s flavor profile, is the wrapper’s effect not diluted in an expansive ring gauge? You could say yes. However, Nub cigars orchestrate the smoking experience with a number of well-made shapes that begin with a cool and pleasant burn and yield copious draws. Nub cigars actually burn slow due to their thick ring sizes and will last for a considerably longer duration than most cigar lovers would expect. They are designed to please smokers who like to get a big puff right off the bat.

Quality blending has as much to do with Nub’s success as does the cigar’s carnival-esque shape. Nub cigars are drafted from a wildly popular wrapper variety, blended to accommodate a range of preferences for taste. Nub Cameroon utilizes a prized Cameroon wrapper from Africa and has garnered a 92-point rating in Cigar Aficionado for its medium to full-bodied earthy and nutty flavor. Nub Maduro is crafted from a succulent Maduro wrapper grown in Brazil over an easy-burning combination of Nicaraguan long-fillers that brim with notes of dark chocolate, wood and coffee beans. Baking spices, cedar and nougat characterize the bestselling Nub Habano blend, rolled from a caramel-hued, Cuban-seed wrapper that is harvested in volcanic Nicaraguan soil. And when you’re craving a short, stout format that displays a bit of creamy mellowness, Nub Connecticut harnesses just enough Nicaraguan spice, but focuses on semi-floral notes you can enjoy anytime of the day from an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf.

If Nub harbors as much curiosity for you as it has for a number of other cigar lovers, but you’re not sure which Nub cigar is the best fit, read a Nub cigar review. Or better yet, try a Nub cigar sampler. A handful of our most popular assortments include each of the brand’s signature wrapper options, as well as Torpedo and even box-pressed Torpedo shapes. The brand’s portfolio also includes a flavored, coffee-infused line, called Nub Cafe, as well as Cain Nub, a rendition of Oliva’s beefier, Ligero-laden Cain blends in a variety of the short, fat Nub shapes. Put Nub in the cart and wrap your mouth around something different today.

Staff Reviews

In a world that was dominated by Robustos, Toros and Churchills, Oliva took a big gamble that paid off in spades.