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Cain Cigars
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Cain Cigars

Cain cigars are handcrafted by the Oliva Cigar Company in Nicaragua and are known for bold flavors and medium to full-bodied profiles that boast a lot of depth and density. Cigar lovers who prefer a bit of extra kick in their favorite cigars seek out Cain for reliable construction and profound, earthy spices. Cain cigars are traditionally blended with a robust assortment of Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos which create rich, distinct flavors and command attention.  


  • Cain


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    18 options available
    4.3077 13 Reviews
    Strength Full
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Nicaraguan

    Cain by Oliva certainly pushes the limits as far as strength and spice go. Thanks to a fortified composition of ligero tobaccos, these cigars feature a full-flavored, full-bodied smoking experience with a well-rounded variety of tasting notes. Coffee, cocoa, wood, and earthy flavors deliver smooth and peppery aromas with an enticing aftertaste. Choose your favorite wrapper variety from Habano, Maduro, or a Nicaraguan ligero leaf and experience the pronounced profile Cain offers.

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  • Cain Daytona

    Cain Daytona

    As low as $4.16 per cigar! SHIPS FREE!
    14 FREE CIGARS w/ box purchase!
    10 options available
    3.6667 3 Reviews
    Strength Medium
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Habano

    Cain Daytona is a more refined version of its Ligero-laced brethren Cain. This medium-bodied version is accomplished with the utilization of an all-Jalapa filler blend delivering a balanced level of smoothness and flavor without the intense body and strength of the regular Cain. Construction is spot-on and is headlined by an oily Nicaraguan wrapper that is not only visually appealing, but also highly complex with notes ranging from green pepper to a creamy, honey-like sweetness. 

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  • Cain Nub

    Cain Nub

    As low as $5.87 per cigar! SHIPS FREE!
    14 FREE CIGARS w/ box purchase!
    10 options available
    4.8333 6 Reviews
    Strength Full
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Nicaraguan

    Cain Nub might not be the largest cigar you’ve ever smoked, but boy does it pack a wallop! Rolled using Cain’s blistering blend of 100% Ligero tobaccos, Cain Nub is supremely-full-bodied and loaded with enough peppery spice to make a Cajun blush. A leathery flavor followed by a slightly-sweet, cedary finish can be found lurking in the mace-like clouds of smoke produced by this pint-sized powerhouse.

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  • Cain 8-Cigar Assortment

    Cain 8-Cigar Assortment

    Box of 8
    Only: $29.95
    4.8571 7 Reviews

    Cain by Oliva packs a ton of punch for your buck! Cain 8-Cigar Assortment assembles a powerful lineup of cigars with guaranteed strength. Loads of rich Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos usher in notes of leather, nuts, dark chocolate and spice. If you’re a devoted fan of Cain cigars, you know potency and flavor have never been more affordable. If you’re curious about Cain cigars, all of the best-selling blends are on board. Stick with the Cain 8-Cigar Assortment and fire up your favorites for the lowest prices now!

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  • Cain 'Goon Squad' Monster Deal

    Cain 'Goon Squad' Monster Deal

    20 Cigars
    Only: $69.95
    4.2500 2 Reviews

    This 20-cigar sampler is a rugged selection of Cain's finest for close to half off regular retail. Cain is a super full-bodied cigar hailing from the Oliva factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Handmade using 100% all-Nicaraguan Ligero tobaccos, these cigars are rich, robust and utterly ravishing. Enjoy a brutish 46% off MSRP!

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  • Cain Nub 'Troll's Envy' Sampler

    Cain Nub 'Troll's Envy' Sampler

    15 Cigars
    Only: $49.95
    5.0000 2 Reviews

    Cain Nub cigars are manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua in the Oliva factory. These troll-sized treats boast a lot of flavor and oomph, considering they're only 4-inches in length. This 15-cigar sampler is a Cain Nub all-star team priced at a dreamcrushing 53% off MSRP. Order yours today!

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  • Cain Daytona Triple Torch Lighter

    Cain Daytona Triple Torch Lighter

    5.0000 2 Reviews

    Fire up your favorite cigars with the durable and hefty profile of the Cain Daytona Triple Torch Lighter. A trio of butane jets boast plenty of clarity and vigor whether you’re lighting up a Lancero or beefy 70-ring beast. Either way, you can bet you’re taking a shortcut to relaxation as a blast of potent firepower guarantees you’ll be puffing away in no time. Celebrate you allegiance to Cain with a stylish orange finish, a deep fuel reservoir and an easily adjustable flame height.

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Cain Cigars is a brand manufactured and distributed by the Oliva Cigar Company in Estelí, Nicaragua. Following the successful launch of the Nub Cigars franchise, Oliva developed the Cain brand in 2009 to capture fans of more full-bodied cigars. The original Cain release was blended exclusively with Nicaraguan Ligero tobaccos, known for furnishing a particularly potent profile. To offset the potential harshness of an all-Ligero blend (branded as Straight Ligero), the tobaccos receive a triple fermentation, which lasts anywhere from several weeks to several months. Shortly after the debut of Cain, the company recognized the marketability of its younger brands and continued to develop both Cain and Nub under Studio Tobac, a division within Oliva comprised of a handful of the organization’s longest-tenured employees and brand affiliates. The members of Studio Tobac interact with consumers and receive feedback while developing new products.


Today Cain offers a concise but well-defined portfolio consisting of a distinct wrapper variety. Cain Daytona reflects the “Straight Ligero” formula of the original Cain, however, Daytona utilizes only Ligero tobaccos from the Jalapa region in Nicaragua, which bears a more approachable leaf. Known for its additional refinement, Cain Daytona delivers plenty of strength and spice, but does so in a medium-bodied profile with more accessibility and a Cuban-seed wrapper. Cain Maduro offers a succulent, earthy sweetness in conjunction with deep, zesty spices thanks to its chewy Maduro wrapper leaf. In keeping with the brand’s customarily powerful core releases, Cain F debuted with an extra-hearty blend of Nicaraguan Ligero tobaccos specifically from Estelí, a region particularly noted for yielding a potent crop. The “F” in Cain F stands for “Forced Refined,” as the cigar was designed to push the limits of strength, while retaining balance. Despite a somewhat polarizing tenacity in flavor and strength, Cain F received a 92-rating from Cigar Aficionado and continues to garner connoisseurs who prefer especially full-bodied cigars. Perhaps the most anticipated Cain cigar has been the release of Cain Nub, an iteration of the peppery Straight Ligero Cain blend in the short, stocky and wildly popular Nub formats. Additionally, each wrapper variety hailing from the Cain portfolio is reflected in the Cain Nub line extension. Many of the innovative concepts attributed to both the Cain and Nub brands were showcased during the Studio Tobac World Tour in 2012, which fueled demand and generated a positive initial reception from consumers.