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Old Henry Cigars
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Old Henry Cigars

Old Henry cigars are patiently blended by legendary cigar-maker, Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia, and are handcrafted in Estelí, Nicaragua. Old Henry originated as a hidden gem among devoted fans of acclaimed, Pepin-made cigars, but has grown into a national bestseller with a massive audience. Old Henry now encompasses several wrapper varieties and formats to make Pepin’s trademark spices and rich flavors available for an exceptional value. Old Henry is an outstanding introduction to both Nicaraguan tobaccos and Pepin’s talent for creating premium cigars of the finest quality and consistency. Sampling Old Henry cigars is a must for any fan of Nicaraguan tobaccos.


  • Old Henry

    Old Henry

    Price Per Cigar:
    $3.39 - $6.25
    14 options available
    4.2500 4 Reviews
    Strength: Full
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Nicaraguan

    Old Henry is a best-selling cigar with an avid cult following. This brand has been hugely successful due to the fact that it is one of the finest cigars for the money in the entire cigar world. Handcrafted in Nicaragua by Jose “Pepin” Garcia, Old Henry features a brash bouquet of rich, spicy flavors along with impeccable construction. Beneath a thick, oily Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper lurks a spicy, full-bodied blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Ignition yields an incredibly rich spiciness; enough spice to make even the most seasoned smoker break a sweat. This spiciness then transitions nicely into hearty notes of earth, cedar and leather. Finally, a creamy finish with a hint of nutmeg ices the cake. Old Henry is a prized cigar that deserves a home in every cigar lover’s humidor. Long Live Old Henry!

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  • Old Henry Gold Label

    Old Henry Gold Label

    Price Per Cigar:
    $3.79 - $5.75
    10 options available
    5.0000 1 Review
    Strength: Medium
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

    Old Henry Gold Label shows off the smoother side of this prize-winning pedigree. Jose “Pepin” Garcia combines the classic Old Henry blend with a brand new Connecticut-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador that’s so smooth and creamy you won’t believe it’s not butter. Thanks to this silky wrapper, Old Henry’s trademark earthy spice is subdued and supplemented by regal notes of cream and cinnamon. This stunning new rendition boasts an approachable, medium-bodied strength that’s mild enough to smoke in the morning yet rich and flavorful enough to round out an evening.

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  • Old Henry Maduro

    Old Henry Maduro

    Price Per Cigar:
    $3.79 - $6.25
    10 options available
    3.5000 1 Review
    Strength: Full
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

    Old Henry Maduro is a rare treat indeed. Blended and manufactured in Nicaragua by Jose “Pepin” Garcia, Old Henry Maduro continues the trend of affordable excellence that the original Old Henry started. Crafted using the same blend of extra-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, Old Henry Maduro retains that irresistible, earthy spice and builds upon it with flavors of semi-sweet cocoa and creamy leather thanks to its high-grade Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. The perfect after-dinner cigar, or at any time of day for that matter, Old Henry Maduro is a must-try for cigar enthusiasts.

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  • Old Henry Pure Breed

    Old Henry Pure Breed

    Price Per Cigar:
    $4.74 - $7.00
    8 options available
    4.5000 5 Reviews
    Strength: Medium-Full
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra

    Since its inception in 2006, Old Henry has become a bona fide cult classic and has achieved a permanent residence in the hearts and humidors of cigar connoisseurs worldwide. Handcrafted with passion and precision in small-batch fashion by the legendary Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia, Pure Breed is drafted from Oscuro-grade Ecuador Sumatra wrappers and select, premium aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. Sweet, smooth and buttery notes of caramel and nuts segue into Pepin’s trademark spice with delicious, peppery aromas in an original medium to full-bodied profile. The exquisite and oily sheen on each wrapper lives up to its expectation, ushering Pure Breed firmly into the Old Henry portfolio with pride and popularity. Welcome home your new best friend and constant companion, Old Henry Pure Breed!

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  • Old Henry 'Best In Show' Assortment

    Old Henry 'Best In Show' Assortment

    Box of 8
    Only: $29.95
    4.4000 5 Reviews

    Old Henry has been gathering legions of cigar lovers by making the impressive talents of legendary cigar-maker, Jose “Pepin” Garcia, available at an amazing value. The finest aged Nicaraguan tobaccos are patiently blended beneath an exceptionally tasteful variety of wrapper leaves. The 8-cigar ‘Best In Show’ Sampler includes our most popular Old Henry cigars. Pepin’s trademark sumptuous spices accompany prominent notes of caramel, espresso, nutty leathers and woody aromas to achieve a remarkable finish on each cigar. Bring your new best friend home today with the ‘Best In Show’ Sampler!

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  • Old Henry 'Big Dog' Monster Deal

    Old Henry 'Big Dog' Monster Deal

    20 Cigars
    Only: $79.95
    4.5000 2 Reviews

    If your niche is large cigars, then you won’t find anything better than the Old Henry “Big Dog” Monster Deal. Old Henry Maduro Bully and Old Henry Pure Breed Grandsire are monstrous 60-ring gauge gems manufactured exclusively for Holt’s by legendary cigar-maker, Jose “Pepin” Garcia. These top-shelf delights pack a massive amalgam of big, juicy flavors to accompany their mammoth proportions. Now’s your chance to savor Pepin’s trademark blast of earthy spice supplemented nicely by a wide range of nuances spanning from creamy leather to nuts and toast for a mere $3.99 per cigar. Amazingly rich and satisfyingly strong, we’ve tacked on a bullish 40% discount on these bodacious beasts.

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  • Old Henry 'Kennel Club' Monster Deal

    Old Henry 'Kennel Club' Monster Deal

    20 Cigars
    Only: $69.95
    4.0000 1 Review

    Over the years, Old Henry has blossomed into a sales juggernaut, cult classic and hero to the humidors of cigar connoisseurs worldwide. Handmade in Nicaragua by legendary Cigar King - Jose 'Pepin' Garcia, Old Henry offers super-premium quality at everyday prices. Blended to perfection from the finest aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, these cigars showcase high-grade Corojo, Maduro, Connecticut and Sumatra wrappers. In terms of strength, these cigars run the spectrum from medium all the way up to full-bodied, while the flavors are trademark Pepin with varying degrees of spice accentuated by each wrapper varietal. This sampler is a certified award-winning Kennel Club assortment of 20 Old Henry cigars for just $3.74 apiece!

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  • Old Henry Square Ashtray

    Old Henry Square Ashtray


    Remember, your man cave is NOT the doghouse, so make sure you’re never deprived of the silky, smooth aroma of a fine cigar and an elegant ashtray to set it down upon, while pondering your refuge. Old Henry cigars are patiently crafted by the legendary two-time winner of Cigar Aficionado’s coveted ‘#1 Cigar of the Year,’ Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia, in Estelí, Nicaragua. Celebrate your love of Old Henry with a bright red ashtray cast in a lustrous and durable resin! Get one for outside and one for the garage while you’re at it. Most folks can never get enough of the prized pooch. Long Live Old Henry! 

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  • Old Henry Triple Torch Lighter by Colibri

    Old Henry Triple Torch Lighter by Colibri


    Old Henry fans rejoice! You can now show your love for the prized pooch with this sleek triple flame torch lighter. Equipped with a handy punch cutter, large fuel capacity and a see-through fuel level indicator, this must-have lighter ignites the largest of cigars with relative ease. Unlike its competition, this guy can fit in your hand and in your pocket. Fire away!

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