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Villiger Cigars
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Villiger Cigars

The Villiger brand enjoys prominent status in the European market, primarily as a manufacturer of cigarillos. The brand’s most well-known cigarillo offering is Villiger Export, a small format, dry-cured cigar available in a handful of distinct wrapper varieties. Villiger has invested sizeable resources in recent years in creating a portfolio of hand-rolled, premium cigars principally for distribution in the North American market. Despite a lack of initial commercial success with a premium division, Villiger has expanded its consumer reach at a more approachable price point and continues to gain traction in the bargain category. Taste the potential Villiger offers for a sound value as the company repositions its portfolio for renewed growth.


  • Villiger Cabarete

    Villiger Cabarete

    Price Per Cigar:
    Only: $1.99
    5 options available
    3.9118 17 Reviews
    Strength Medium
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Wrapper: Nicaraguan

    Villiger has been an established, well-known European brand for well over a century. However, cigar shop shelf space in the premium U.S. market has been scarce for Villiger, to say the least, following a handful of recent image renovations. While the North American branch of Villiger undergoes its latest round of brand revamping, curmudgeonly connoisseurs from coast to coast can feast on the latest line to fall victim to a lack of sales by stocking the cooledor deep with Cabarete at sub-wholesale prices of up to 77% off MSRP! Named for a lively beach village in the Dominican Republic, Cabarete offers a medium-bodied profile of nuts, spices and dark chocolate in an elegant box-pressed format. Keep in mind folks, there’s absolutely not a single thing wrong with any of these cigars, other than the fact that they have received no exposure when it comes to sales figures. If you’re a bona fide Value Vulture, it’s high time you swoop down and scoop up Villiger while high prices (heck, even wholesale prices) have taken a permanent vacation.

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  • Villiger Export

    Villiger Export

    Price Per Cigar:
    Only: $0.99
    3 options available
    Strength Mild
    Country: Switzerland
    Wrapper: Varies

    Villiger has been a premium name brand in the world of machine-made cigars for over a century. The bestselling Villiger Export brand offers smooth, consistent flavors in three distinct wrapper varieties in a small, box-pressed format. Villiger Export is crafted in Switzerland from dry-cured tobaccos. Choose your favorite blend from Brasil (Brazilian wrapper), Classic (Sumatra wrapper), and Maduro (Brazilian Maduro wrapper). Brasil offers a profile of peppers and earth. Classic delivers creamy, mild flavors of nuts and coffee. Maduro presents bolder notes of dark chocolate and zesty spices. Get plenty of flavor and aroma in a concise shape with Export.

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  • Villiger Trill

    Villiger Trill

    Price Per Cigar:
    $2.14 - $2.85
    5 options available
    4.2368 19 Reviews
    Strength Medium-Full
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Wrapper: Habano

    As a long-time European powerhouse, Villiger has been spinning its wheels over the past decade trying to gain a foothold in the U.S. premium cigar market. After riding a merry-go-round of managers, the much beleaguered North American division of Villiger recently dismantled its sales and marketing infrastructure and threw in the towel on a slew of lesser performing brands. As a primary beneficiary of the much needed Villiger reset, your pals at Holt’s are now on a mission to vilify BIG cigar prices! Let’s get the party started with a sub-wholesale discount of well OVER HALF OFF on Villiger Trill! A medium to full-bodied pairing of Cuban-seed long-fillers rests under an oily Habano wrapper. Notes of sweet red peppers, coffee and cocoa offer a rich, smooth finish. Take advantage of our handsome Villiger stash without spending hardly a dime. They say “it takes a Villiger to roll a closeout,” so get yours directly from Holt’s!

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  • 'Rocky Loves Villiger' Monster Deal

    'Rocky Loves Villiger' Monster Deal

    20 Cigars
    Only: $39.95
    4.8000 5 Reviews

    Apparently Rocky Patel heard through the grapevine that the Villiger brand was blended to commemorate his favorite disco group, The Village People. He was so excited he insisted on marketing his esteemed Rocky Patel Black Label with the Villiger Cabarete in a custom-made sampler, hoping he could score some backstage passes. Unfortunately, the rumor proved to be false and Rocky quietly decided to close out the entire project for pennies on the dollar to his pals at Holt’s to avoid any further embarrassment. Feast on the all-new ‘Rocky Loves Villiger’ Monster Deal for a fever-inducing 86% off MSRP! ‘Giddy down’ with this exclusive 20-cigar party complete with medium to full-bodied profiles of dark chocolate, roasted espresso beans and spicy figs for just $1.99 per cigar! We’ve chased the profit margins off the ‘bunny slope,’ on both brands, so get groovy with Rocky and Villiger today!

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  • Villiger Trill Women's Tee

    Villiger Trill Women's Tee


    Villiger is an old-time cigar brand with a deep European audience. A handful of trendy recent releases, such as Villiger Trill, have been aimed at capturing cigar fans in the U.S. with an approachable medium to full-bodied Dominican profile. Get a stylish Villiger Trill Women’s Tee in a durable black cotton fabric with a hip, detailed brand logo for under five bucks! 

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