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Humi-Care Crystal Jar

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Remove the guesswork and the time-consuming extra steps involved in keeping your precious cigar collection perfectly humidified. Humi-Care Crystal Jars simplify the process and are guaranteed to keep your cigars in ideal shape. Simply saturate the Humi-Care jar with a small amount of distilled water and the beads will absorb and expand. The specially designed beads contain a humidity regulating solution of propylene glycol and they release a steady, consistent level of 65-70% humidity. Each jar can easily be replenished over and over for up to a year before replacement is necessary. The Humi-Care Crystal Jar is ideal for 25 - 150 cigars, but you can add multiple jars for larger humidors, or units with separate shelves. Each jar is 4oz. Try one out for reliable, problem-free and continuous humidity.


2.5”H x 2.63”D

Humi-Care Crystal Jar

Humi-Care Crystal Jar
$12.00 $9.95