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Humi-Care Black Ice Jar

Humi-Care Black Ice Jars are a miraculous answer for steadily dispersing a balanced humidity level throughout your humidor. The Black Ice beads provide a slower, steadier release of moisture for a greater level of humidity stability (65-70%). The Black Ice Jar features an added enhancement as well – once you unscrew the lid, the jar separates into 4 pieces which fit easily in the corners of your humidor for a perfectly proportional distribution of humidity. The 4oz jar is ideal for humidors that hold 25 - 150 cigars. The crystals in each jar are shipped dry (not activated). The dry crystals are small, but will fill the container when activated. Simply fill each section with distilled water or propylene glycol solution to the halfway point. Wait approximately 30 minutes until the crystals absorb all of the liquid.


4oz Jar: 2.38”H (each wedge is 1.25” x 1.25”)

Humi-Care Black Ice Jar

Humi-Care Black Ice Jar
$15.00 $12.50