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Xikar Crystal Humidifier

Xikar Crystal Humidifiers are reliable and effective alternatives to traditional humidification devices. Each Crystal Humidifier is prefilled upon arrival. Simply unwrap the humidifier and place in your humidor. A slow and steady 70% humidity level is dispersed. Clear polycarbonate cases house gel crystals which can saturate 450 times their weight with propylene glycol solution. A magnetic attachment firmly affixes the humidifier to the inner lid of your humidor. The Crystal 50 is designed to maintain as many as 50 cigars in a volume of 500 cubic inches at 70% humidity, while the Crystal 100 will handle up to 100 cigars in a volume of 850 cubic inches at 70% humidity. Recharge the humidifier with propylene glycol solution. Durations between refills may vary depending on temperature and quantity of cigars. Relieve your humidification worries with Xikar today!

Xikar Crystal Humidifier

Xikar Crystal Humidifier 100
$25.00 $19.95
Xikar Crystal Humidifier 50
$20.00 $14.95