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High Noon Special

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 12:00 PM EST we will be throwing a crazy deal on the chopping block and leaving it there until high noon the next day. You'll have 24-hours to take advantage of our featured offer while supplies last!

  • Don Lino Toro$19.95
    Don Lino is the cigar equivalent of a working man's hero. A savior for Value Vultures, Closeout Canaries and Deal Seeking Buzzards, the name Don Lino has become synonymous with respectable quality and rock-bottom prices. This wonderfully rendered, superbly executed Nicaraguan classic employs gorgeous, supple Maduro wrappers and a smooth, medium-bodied medley of all Nicaraguan long-fillers. Upon ignition, you can look forward to just a tad of spice with some underlying cedar and fantastic creamy, buttery nuances right down to the nub. We think you'll absolutely love these creamy boomsticks now that we've trimmed the fat down to a lean, mean $1.99 per cigar. Say what?! Indeed. You're not dreaming friends, there's no need to pinch yourself - you read that correctly... For the next 24-hours, enjoy an epic, wallet-soothing 77% off MSRP on hermetically sealed 10-packs of suave, buttery Nicaraguan handmades. But wait, there's more - the first 10,000 respondents will also receive FREE SHIPPING on their entire order! Got Holt's?

    Save 77% off MSRP!
    Entire Order Ships Free!

    Includes 10 cigars:

    Don Lino Toro - 6 x 50

    MSRP: $90.00

    1-Day Price: $19.95