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High Noon Special

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 12:00 PM EST we will be throwing a crazy deal on the chopping block and leaving it there until high noon the next day. You'll have 24-hours to take advantage of our featured offer while supplies last!

  • Argyle Dark Corojo Crusher$24.95
    Holt's is the proud owner of the world-renowned Argyle franchise. Since its inception, Argyle has blossomed into a best-selling fan-favorite due to its top-notch blending, flawless construction and value-centric, everyman pricing. Handmade in the Dominican Republic in one of the world's finest boutique cigar factories; Argyle Dark Corojo is all about flavor and value. Enrobed in a beautifully oily, positively resplendent Corojo wrapper, these cigars boast a bold yet balanced blend of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Medium-bodied in strength, these dandies display a rich, earthy flavor-core doused with succulent notes of oak, leather, cream, pepper and a toasty finish. When it comes to pure, unadulterated, unfiltered value, Argyle Dark Corojo is cut from the same cloth as regular Argyle. With eye-popping pricing of just $2.99 apiece (60% off MSRP), these cigars are a magnificent, mind-blowing bargain. The bottom line here is you're getting splendid presentation, top-notch quality and memorable flavor all for the price of a yard 'gar. Procure yourself a 10-pack of the real Dark Corojo today and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.

    Save 66% off MSRP!
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    Includes 10 cigars:

    Argyle Dark Corojo Crusher - 7 x 60

    MSRP: $75.00

    1-Day Price: $24.95