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High Noon Special

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 12:00 PM EST we will be throwing a crazy deal on the chopping block and leaving it there until high noon the next day. You'll have 24-hours to take advantage of our featured offer while supplies last!

  • Punch Vintage #60$39.95
    In the vast sea of Punch brands, only one rises above the rest with arms held high in victory... Well, the cigar doesn't have arms, but we think you get the picture. It just so happens that your pals at Holt's have exclusive rights to the creme de la creme of Punch cigars - Punch Vintage. What distinguishes Punch Vintage from the rest of the Punch brands is that these cigars are aged in the factory for a full year in cedar-lined cubbies before release. This additional aging ensures an overwhelmingly smooth and pleasurable smoking experience. Today's 'Nooner showcases 10-packs of the plus-sized, piquant Punch Vintage #60 in a caramel-hued Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper for just $3.99 per cigar with FREE SHIPPING baked-in. Connoisseurs have long considered Punch Vintage to be the pinnacle of Punch; see for yourself and enjoy 37% off MSRP as well as FREE SHIPPING direct to your casa! A Punch in the mouth has never felt so good, except at Holt's for the next 24-hours!

    Save 37% off MSRP!
    Entire Order Ships Free!

    Includes 10 cigars:

    Punch Vintage #60 - 6 x 60

    MSRP: $62.50

    1-Day Price: $39.95