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Humpday Deal

Traditionally, "Humpday" is the day when the official countdown to the weekend begins. Here at Holt's, Humpday is now a glorious occasion for you to procure another killer cigar deal courtesy of yours truly. If you find yourself staring at the clock on Wednesday counting down the hours in purgatory 'til your weekend cigar reprieve, then Holt's has what you need NOW at great prices!

  • 'Hog Heaven III' Monster Deal$49.95
    Listen up, friends... Judging by the name of this sampler, you may have thought we were selling tickets to a Hog Calling Contest or that we opened up some sort of All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. Quite the contrary. Instead, your pals at Holt's are busy cooking up world-class, competition-collapsing deals on some of the world's finest cigars. Case in point, this bodacious 20-cigar smorgasbord... If you're a fan of big, fat cigars then this sampler will have you in hog heaven! This bodacious 60-ring smorgasbord features best-sellers from Pepin Garcia, Don Lino, Rocky Patel and more. Strength runs the gamut; while flavors of earth, leather and a pleasant cedary spice are consistent across the brands included in this deeply-discounted dealio. Best of all, we pulled out all the stops and carved up the price like a Christmas ham. Enjoy a gluttonous 74% off MSRP - just $2.49 per cigar plus FREE SHIPPING on your entire order! Sooooo-weeeee Baby!

    Save 74% off MSRP!
    Entire Order Ships Free!

    Includes 20 cigars (4 each):

    Argyle Dark Corojo H-Bomb - 5.5 x 60
    Don Lino Dark Horse Gordo - 6 x 60
    Old Henry Maduro Bully - 6 x 60
    Rocky Patel Renaissance Sixty - 6 x 60
    Rocky Patel Mulligans Clubhouse Select Fat Shot - 6 x 60

    MSRP: $195.40

    Humpday Price: $49.95