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Humpday Deal

Traditionally, "Humpday" is the day when the official countdown to the weekend begins. Here at Holt's, Humpday is now a glorious occasion for you to procure another killer cigar deal courtesy of yours truly. If you find yourself staring at the clock on Wednesday counting down the hours in purgatory 'til your weekend cigar reprieve, then Holt's has what you need NOW at great prices!

  • Rocky Patel 'El Plumpo' Monster Deal$69.95
    Our good buddy, Rocky Patel, is the man behind the curtain who pushes all of the buttons and pulls all of the levers when it comes to creating Holt's chart-topping, competition-trampling, deeply-discounted RP samplers. This pleasantly plump selection pairs King Rocky's finest, full-figured, luxury-branded cigars with an ample 71% discount applied. It's a match made in heaven, if you ask us! That's right friends, for just $3.49 per cigar, you can bask in the rich, refined and calorie-free notes of cedar, sweet cream and chocolate ganache in every puff of these best-selling, 60-ring RP boomsticks. Get 'em while the gettin' is good folks and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!

    Save 71% off MSRP!
    Entire Order Ships Free!

    Includes 20 cigars (4 each):

    RP Decade Emperor - 6 x 60
    RP Mulligans Clubhouse Select Fat Shot - 6 x 60
    RP Renaissance Sixty - 6 x 60
    RP Velvet Edition Sixty - 6 x 60
    RP Vintage 1992 Sixty - 6 x 60

    MSRP: $240.20

    Humpday Price: $69.95