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Humpday Deal

Traditionally, "Humpday" is the day when the official countdown to the weekend begins. Here at Holt's, Humpday is now a glorious occasion for you to procure another killer cigar deal courtesy of yours truly. If you find yourself staring at the clock on Wednesday counting down the hours in purgatory 'til your weekend cigar reprieve, then Holt's has what you need NOW at great prices!

  • Fine Catch
    Listen up friends! Today's dealio is a no-brainer for all anglers, outdoorsman and Liquidation Leeches jonesin' for a premium cigar on a working man's budget... Handmade in the Dominican Republic's premier boutique cigar factory, Fine Catch features a mild, creamy blend of Dominican long-fillers, along with your choice of Natural and Maduro wrappers that are guaranteed to keep your head swimming with a tantalizing mix of woody, leathery flavors. As tasty as they are, the best part about Fine Catch is the minnow-sized price tag. With pricing as low as $1.24 per cigar plus FREE SHIPPING on your entire order, it's no big deal if one accidentally takes a dip as you're reaching for dinner. Stock your tackle box full of Fine Catch, once you try one you'll be hooked.

    Save up to 72% off MSRP!
    Entire Order Ships Free!

    Bundles of 20:

    Bass - 6 x 50
    Grouper - 5.5 x 60
    Marlin (Torpedo) - 6.5 x 52
    Pike - 7 x 50
    Trout - 5 x 50

    MSRP: $90.00 - $150.00

    Humpday Price: $24.95 - $44.95

    Available in: