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Weekly Specials

Value Vultures and Blowout Buzzards rejoice! Today is the day your frugality and unwavering loyalty will be handsomely rewarded with a dealio of epic proportions. Our good friends at La Aurora were in a bind recently when they discovered a tumbleweed-laden annex adjacent to their massive factory in the Dominican Republic lined from floor to ceiling with perfectly aged, overproduced cigars. It didn't take long for our Liquidation Hotline to light up like a Christmas tree... With an entire warehouse of top-shelf cigars on the line for pennies on the dollar, we took the deal without hesitation or further negotiation. On the chopping block today, my friends, is a Dominican duo comprised of the mild to medium-bodied, Cameroon-cloaked classic La Aurora, and the medium-bodied, 92-rated La Aurora 1495 for a jowl-quivering, toad-clobbering, sub-wholesale discount of up to 78% off MSRP - as low as $1.39 per cigar. Order NOW and receive FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!

As low as $1.39 per cigar + FREE SHIPPING!
As low as $1.59 per cigar + FREE SHIPPING!