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Weekend Roast!

It's the weekend, and while our accountants are off taking stock of their rock gardens we're using the opportunity to reduce the price tag on a certain item to a fraction of what they'll allow us to post. Just to make our accountants' Mondays extra special, we're also going to ship you whichever item we're roasting this weekend for FREE. This offer is good from 12PM EST Friday until 12PM EST Monday, so take advantage of this deal while you can! If we don't sell out beforehand, when the weekend's over it's long gone.

  • Holt's House Selection Churchill$69.95
    Handcrafted in the world-famous Fuente factory, our hugely popular Holt's House Selection features a mouthwatering amalgam of well-aged Dominican long-fillers enrobed by a silky, butterscotch-blond Connecticut shade-grown wrapper. Blessed with the Fuente's trademark consistency and quality, these classically rendered cigars burn and taste as if they should cost 3 times the price! Mild, creamy notes highlighted by oak, creamy caramel and English toffee flow out from these cigars like waves buffeting your palate and ending with just the slightest hint of sweetness on the tongue. Procure yourself a bundle of Holt's House Selection Churchills today for just $2.79 per cigar and prepare to enamored. Order now and your entire order ships FREE!

    Fuente-made gems!
    Entire Order Ships Free!

    Bundles of 25:

    Holt's House Selection Churchill - 7 x 49

    MSRP: $112.50

    Roast Price: $69.95