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Holt's Propylene Glycol Solution

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Maintaining a constant humidity level and monitoring your humidor for any signs of mold can seem like a non-stop activity. Remove the effort and any worry when it comes to your precious cigar collection by using Holt’s Propylene Glycol Solution. A secure mixture of propylene glycol and distilled water makes our solution the easiest and most effective way to sleep at night knowing your cigars are not being invaded by unwanted bacteria. Our glycol mixture is mold-proof and evaporates slower than water to maintain a steadier, constant humidity level and provide you with months of optimal conditions for storing and aging all your favorite cigars.

Holt's Propylene Glycol Solution

Holt's Propylene Glycol Solution 8 ounces
$10.00 $3.95
Holt's Propylene Glycol Solution 16 ounces
$20.00 $7.95