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Since 1898, Holt’s Cigar Company has been enabling relaxation!  Holt’s is home to one of the largest cigar selections in the United States.  Because our business originates in our brick-and-mortar shops, our emphasis on customer service is unparalleled.  Whether you visit us in person or order online or over the phone, we guarantee an exceptional consumer experience!

  • All Cigar Brands

    Browse over 500 cigar brands!  Holt’s is your #1 source to buy cigars online.  One of the oldest cigar retailers in the U.S., Holt's is home to one of the largest humidified warehouses in the world.  We carry all the name brands you know and love at the lowest possible prices.  All cigars purchased come with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.  Put together your own ultimate cigar collection today!

  • Best Sellers

    At Holt’s, you’ll always find top-shelf quality for an amazing value in our wildly popular Best Sellers.  Cigar lovers purchase our best-selling brands over and over because they know they’re getting the most sought-after, trusted cigars at the best prices.  Buy our Best Sellers today, and see why our customers love these cigars the most!

  • New Arrivals

    We aim to satisfy savvy customers who are always in search of the hottest new cigars on the market.  We have warehouse aisles dedicated to all the finest new cigar brands we’re constantly adding.  Unlimited numbers of hand-rolled, new and exciting blends arrive every day.  Smoke a new cigar today, you deserve it!

  • Bundle Heaven

    At Holt’s, we specialize in stocking a boundless inventory of best-selling cigar bundles.  Value and quality come together at the lowest possible prices on all of our bundles.  Buy a bundle of cigars you know and love, or try a new brand.  Cigar bundles are easy and affordable purchases due to our everyday low prices.  Your senses and your savings will exceed your expectations!

  • Flavored Cigars

    Seeking out a sweet cigar?  Sink your sweet tooth into our vast selection of sugary and aromatic delights.  Guaranteed competitive pricing and confectionary flavors combine to make your shopping experience and savings the sweetest around!  Try exciting, new flavors and savor more savings in your pocket!

  • Machine Made Cigars

    Celebrate the dawn of the industrial revolution with our phenomenal assortment of machine made cigars!  Conveniently order your favorite old-time brands right here from your favorite cigar shop.  Our inventory is always fresh and our customer service is superb!


    Find the biggest steals and deals on clearance cigars.  Overstocked.  Undersold.  Discounted.  Discontinued.  We’re always raiding our massive cigar warehouse for brands that need to go.  We push them out the door for pennies on the dollar and pass the savings onto you.  Shop often and stock your humidor at rock-bottom prices!  We’re always adding new cigars to clearance.