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Every Tuesday & Thursday at 12:00 PM EST we will be throwing a crazy deal on the chopping block and leaving it there until high noon the next day. You'll have 24-hours to take advantage of our featured offer while supplies last!

  • Partagas Spanish Rosado Sabroso$27.50
    Partagas Spanish Rosado was originally released in 2003 and immediately garnered an impressive and imposing 90-rating from Cigar Aficionado in addition to achieving the cigar industry's extremely coveted 'Best Buy' status. Partagas Spanish Rosado was destined for unimaginable greatness as it relentlessly embarked upon an unflappable reign of ruling the cigar sales charts and finding a home inside the humidors of several of the world's foremost cigar-smoking luminaries. However, like so many other once iconic brands, Partagas Spanish Rosado soon discovered the fate of its initially fierce pro-commerce sales spark downgraded into closeout status and repurposed as a go-to brand for our burgeoning population of Penny-Pinching Parakeets and Closeout Canaries on our mailing list. Today, my fine frugal friends, our titanic warehouse is stocked high with untold numbers of deeply discounted boxes of Partagas Spanish Rosado! Enrobed in a gorgeous brick-red Honduran wrapper, this medium-bodied Dominican dandy rewards your palate with delicate layers of cinnamon, dried fruit and leather in every puff. While supplies last, enjoy a dream-shattering, competition-splattering 60% off MSRP - just $2.75 per cigar with FREE SHIPPING on your entire order. Come on down, the price is right!

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    Includes 10 cigars:

    Partagas Spanish Rosado Sabroso - 5.875 x 44

    MSRP: $67.90

    1-Day Price: $27.50