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Humpday Deal

Traditionally, "Humpday" is the day when the official countdown to the weekend begins. Here at Holt's, Humpday is now a glorious occasion for you to procure another killer cigar deal courtesy of yours truly. If you find yourself staring at the clock on Wednesday counting down the hours in purgatory 'til your weekend cigar reprieve, then Holt's has what you need NOW at great prices!

  • 'Big Kahuna' Monster Deal$54.95
    Attention fans of full-figured, plus-sized cigars, OPEN WIDE! We've got a bulging assortment of jaw-breakers on deck, and they're so chunky you just might need to get the bonfire going to light these bad boys up. Our 'Big Kahuna' Monster Deal is packed to the gills with big, beefy cigars. We're serving up a burly lineup of 6 x 60 beasts including the ligero-fortified Cain Habano 660; the Pepin-crafted, supremely dark and delicious Old Henry Maduro Bully; the cedary, sublime Punch Vintage #60; the robust and refined Rocky Patel Mulligans Fat Shot; and the colossal-sized, peppery powerhouse 7 x 60 Argyle Dark Corojo Crusher. If you're an extra-large cigar fan, we implore you to act with furious dispatch in order to avoid the anguish of a guaranteed sell-out situation. This glorious Humpday, you can savor scintillating savings of 66% off MSRP - just $2.74 per cigar! Order now and your entire order SHIPS FREE!

    Save 66% off MSRP!
    Entire Order Ships Free!

    Includes 20 cigars (4 each):

    Argyle Dark Corojo Crusher - 7 x 60
    Cain Habano 660 - 6 x 60
    Old Henry Maduro Bully - 6 x 60
    Punch Vintage #60 - 6 x 60
    Rocky Patel Mulligans Fat Shot - 6 x 60

    MSRP: $159.80

    Humpday Price: $54.95