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Humpday Deal

Calling all Value Hounds, Bargain Hunters, Closeout Vultures and Deal-Seeking Buzzards! In response to your overwhelming support, your pals at Holt's are proud to introduce the third installment in our beloved Buzzards Banquet Sampler series. Carefully selected by a highly specialized syndicate of curmudgeonly connoisseurs, every bargain-basement boomstick in our palatial humidified warehouse is fair game for these eclectic assortments. That's right my thrifty friends, we're serving up a piping hot platter filled with 30 of our most affordable value boomsticks for 72% off MSRP. Yes siree. That's 15 different handmade cigars (2 each) for the rock-bottom price of just $1.33 apiece with FREE SHIPPING on your entire order! Granted, none of these stogies will be garnering 'Cigar of the Year' honors, for the price they are all pretty darn good. With so much value in one package there isn't a reason in the world to pass this deal up. Come and get it, son!

  • Buzzards Banquet 3 Sampler$39.95

    Save 72% off MSRP!
    Entire Order Ships Free!

    Includes 30 cigars (2 each):

    Argyle Pyramid - 6.5 x 52
    Argyle Dark Corojo Rogue - 5.25 x 50
    Argyle Maduro Robusto - 5 x 50
    Babalu Churchill - 7 x 50
    Blenders Clearing House Robusto Maduro - 5 x 50
    Bottom Shelf Churchill - 7 x 50
    Don Lino Dark horse Robusto - 5 x 50
    Fine Catch Trout - 5 x 50
    Herfdog Angry Mutt - 7 x 50
    Par Eagle - 5 x 50
    Rocky Patel Mulligans Slice - 6 x 50
    Rocky Patel Mulligans Clubhouse Select Hook - 5 x 50
    Smokin' Sandwich Robusto - 5 x 50
    Top Hat Ritz - 6 x 50
    Viking Village Thor - 5 x 50

    MSRP: $141.10

    Humpday Price: $39.95